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Photo goes digital

By Emily Ho
Published: May 2010

Starting next year, a new digital photography class will be offered to students who have already taken Photo I.

Photography teacher Robert Bouchal is opening the program to only photo II students because he feels that it is important to learn the basics of analog photography first.

Analog photography is more commonly known as film photography and was very popular before digital cameras began coming out.

Freshman Jonathan Stricker has signed up to take digital photography next year instead of continuing with analog photography.

“I decided to do digital because I like the idea of being able to do an assignment and take a picture of something else without the horror of using up exposures, Striker said.

Though digital photography is becoming more and more popular, many students have decided to stick to analog photography. Freshman Charlotte Zolit is one of many who have decided to take analog photography for a second year.

“I think that analog is more unique and is more interesting because you have to both set up the picture and compose it and develop it, Zolit said.

Nowadays, digital photography is not only more popular, but also more conventional because lab equipment is expensive, and dark rooms are not common.

Since this will be the first year it is offered, digital photography will be an interesting course to watch. Whether it becomes more popular or not as popular as was expected, students are sure to experience a class different from the analog photography classes.

“The pros would be that we can get as creative as we want and we’re taking a class that we enjoy with a great teacher, freshman Agnes Kalissa said. Others, however, believe it will not meet expectations.

“Analog can seem more difficult and is somewhat more in the eye of the beholder, but it isn’t done much and therefore is interesting and special. Digital is more widely done and more people know it and do it so it is more ‘Ëœnormal’, Zolit said.

Though digital photography has been incorporated into some of the later photography classes taught by Bouchal, he has never taught a full-on digital photography course here. South is trying out new software and equipment for the class and hopes to incorporate more of that technology into the already existing photography program.

“I am excited because I think I identify myself as more of a digital photographer rather than [an analog photographer]. Also, Mr. B has been a great teacher already in analog, so for him to use more up-to-date equipment could be interesting, Striker said.

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