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Not-so-free iced coffee day

By Denebola
Published: May 2010

We all know that ­South students crave the pre-homeroom pick-me-up of a tall, iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

On May 11, students had the opportunity to enjoy a free iced coffee from their favorite caffeine provider.
Unfortunately, said students would have to venture to New York or New Jersey to reap the benefits of DD’s annual promotion.

The company restricted its promotion, leaving out its formerly devoted drinkers in the dust.

Denebola, a proud supporter of those who choose to consume an overwhelming amount of coffee in order to maintain a semblance of consciousness until lunch block, refuses to excuse this utter injustice.

The fact that Dunkin Donuts, a corporate powerhouse, is utterly inconsiderate of its major consumer demographic – the desperate, overworked, and practically comatose, New England high school student.

Only 14 stores nationwide took part in the “Free Iced Coffee Day promo. This leaves six states to boast that the company appreciates their dedication.

For some illogical reason, the great state of Massachusetts was not honored with such venerable accolade.

We started the revolution back in the 18th century. We house arguably the best professional athletics in the country.

The big double-D must have forgotten that it continually brags about its affiliation with our Boston Red Sox.

Many students went as far as to join the facebook group, proclaiming to the world their great excitement over participating in the event, as well as helping Dunkin Donuts to further publicize themselves.

The biggest slap in the face is the fact that the likes of California, Chicago, and our state were overlooked in favor of the great state of New Jersey. What contribution has the Garden State made to the United States of America?

Maybe there was a typo on the press release. Instead of “Garden State, the release should have read “Garden City.

Dunkin Donuts made a grave mistake on May 11. Newton South must sustain at least a large portion of its shops for ten months out of the year. Why weren’t we rewarded?

Denebola believes South students should consider this injustice and remember how much Dunkin Donuts cares about you when you drag into the nearest shop at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

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