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Fashion Focus: Carlos Morales

Posted By Andrea Braver On May 21, 2010 @ 3:00 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

Many students at South deliberately aim to blend in with the crowd, choosing to not stand out from their peers. Whether it’s in the food they eat’€perhaps choosing to go vegan because their friends have decided that animals are too cute to be eaten’€or in the clothing they choose to wear, individuality is something that many a student struggle to attain.  Nevertheless, in a world of black and white, one South student lights up the color spectrum: junior Carlos Morales.

Morales initially made the decision to surround himself with different monochromatic Under Armor brand sweat suits during the fall of his sophomore year. He was inspired when his aunt bought him his first navy blue polo and hoodie. Morales felt that the Under Armor brand was “comfier than other brands he tended to wear.

“I figured I could just go crazy with color matching, Morales said. Before he knew it, he was starting a fashion revolution.
While sporting those monochromatic Under Armor sweat suit outfits is a passion, Morales does own other brands and forms of clothing. “I do have jeans in my closet, I just don’t typically wear them¦they’re not the most comfy thing ever, Morales said. Comfort level is clearly an utmost priority of his.

Morales has definitely exploited his Under Armor apparel. “I wear this clothing year-round, regardless of weather, he said. In addition to wearing his Under Armor clothing to school, Morales also wears it to his gymnastics practices.

Morales has gone through lengths to attain his wardrobe of vast numbers of pricey Under Armor apparel.

Morales, who has six Under Armor sweat suits, 13 t-shirts/polos, and six pairs of shorts, realizes that he has spent a solid chunk of money on clothing alone. With each article of clothing ranging from $40-$50 a piece, his wardrobe costs an estimated grand total of $1200.

Although spending $1200 solely on clothing may seem a bit extreme, Morales has no regrets. In fact, Morales did not go out and buy all of it himself nor was it necessarily all at full price. Morales received a few hoodies, polos, and sweatpants as gifts from relatives, such as his aunt and brother.

Morales buys his gears online on the Under Armor website, and at the Under Armor retailer stores’€such as the Natick Collection, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modell’s, and last but not least, the Under Armor Outlet Store. Purchasing clothing from the outlet has allowed Morales to save money on his apparel.

Unfortunately, Morales’s shopping sprees for Under Armor are coming to a close.

“Once I get brown pants, I’m done¦I don’t need anymore, Morales said. “I’ve run out of colors on the website.

Besides the fact that Under Armor has no other colors left for Morales, his parents are not advocates of his obsession.  Both parents want him to change up his wardrobe.  With that in mind, Morales is no longer completely opposed to buying new and unique clothing brands.

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