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Denebola sees promise in new Senate bill

By Denebola
Published: May 2010

On May 6, the South Senate passed the Teachers Feedback/ Evaluation Initiative of 2010, a bill instituting evaluations for teachers filled out by students.

This bill would enable students to complete an evaluation form two times a year, reviewing their teacher’s performance.

The first evaluation would be given out in the middle of the year, giving teachers an opportunity to improve their performance or continue helpful trends after hearing constructive criticisms from their students.

The one at the end of the year would help teachers enhance their work for the following school year.

Right now, many teachers at South have evaluations independently and are interested in what their students think.

This is a beneficial opportunity that the Senate wants to make school-wide so all students and teachers can benefit.

The evaluations will be sent to the department heads as well as the teachers so all comments can be read and analyzed for positive or negative trends that need to be reviewed. All evaluations will be anonymous. This way, no student will feel obligated to evaluate based on what their teachers will think of them.

The evaluation itself will consist of short answer and multiple-choice questions.

After passing the bill, the Senate needs to get approval and a signature from the principal in order to implement the policy.

South Senate hopes that the new bill will come into effect at the end of this year and think that is a reasonable goal to get this new bill started.

As a publication, Denebola agrees with the bill and hopes that it will work. It is important for student’s voices to be heard in and outside of the classroom.

Right now, there is no anonymous way for students at South to voice their opinions, whether good or bad, about their teachers.

However, having it mandated throughout the school, will ensure it’s success.

Students, teachers, and administration must be on board to participate in order for this bill to be promising.

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