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Art Focus: Eric Phillips

Posted By Bianca Ho On May 21, 2010 @ 3:01 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

Any student at South acquainted with senior Eric Philips would call him a musical guy. Philips has performed, written, and mixed various music projects.

He was not always this interested in music, though. For most of his childhood, Philips had not yet discovered what would become a huge part of his life.

It was not until eighth grade that he became truly absorbed in music. Even then, Philips did not take a lot of initiative.
“I’ve always felt a bit of regret for not really applying myself until this past year or two, Philips said.

Now, however, he devotes a large amount of his time to music. Philips takes two guitar lessons and teaches two guitar lessons each week.

He is in a band, and he also participates in South’s jazz band, which meets on Monday nights. In addition to that, Philips tries to fit in at least two hours of practicing something musical each day.

At South, Philips takes honors jazz ensemble, songwriting, and AP Music Theory.

Though Philips spends a lot of time on music, he does not find it tedious. “Of course music is enjoyable; it’s my passion! Philips said.

Last summer, Philips attended a five-week summer performance program at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Recently, however, Philips has not been performing as often. He and senior Michael RiCharde played at Water Aid International’s Bananagrams Tournament.

Instead, Philips is working on perfecting and finishing an album that he recorded with senior Nick Sobel for his WISE project, due to be unveiled May 28 in South’s Lab Theatre.

As for the future, Philips plans to pursue music as a career, but not in performance. Next year, he will be attending New York University for music composition and technology.

Philips hopes to enter a career related to audio engineering or film scoring. He has not figured everything out yet, but he may also be interested in teaching.

This summer, Philips may make another “goofy album with senior Gabe Glissen-Brown just “for funzies, he said.
When he is not engrossed in music, you may find Philips playing Age of Mythology on his computer.

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