April 2010 Issue

Student discovers the wonders of ChatRoulette

By Helen Holmes | Published: April 2010
March 28, 2010 was perhaps the only day that I have ever been scared to go on the internet.

Denebola supports the proposed security cameras

By Denebola | Published: April 2010
Last week, a joint proposal was presented to the Interim Superintendent by the principals of Newton South and Newton north about the use of security cameras in both schools.  These cameras, to be installed next summer if it is approved, will be used to protect student's safely and the security of the school.
The online competition was a fair competition that we entered and won. I like to think of it like the lottery: everyone, from the rich to the needy, plays the lottery. But who is to say that the affluent population has no right to play the lottery?

Race Week encourages conversation, stirs emotions

By Denebola | Published: April 2010
The recent assembly on race, during which a movie featuring METCO counselor Katani Sumner's daughter was shown to all South students, has sparked heated discussions among students both throughout the school day in the classroom setting, as well as outside of it.
Every senior looks forward to his or her senior prom. Sure, some people may belittle it or put it down as just another contrived school event, but there's no denying that prom is a fundamental part of senior year and high school.

Parking Poses Problems

By Sammie Levin | Published: April 2010
Last Wednesday, I arrived at school after first block (I have first block free on Wednesdays'€“what's really good) and drove (I drive'€“what's really good) past the senior and teacher parking lots, gazing hopelessly at all of the empty spaces residing in such close proximity to the school.

Uniform standards detrimental to public schools in Massachusetts

By Alexandra Fen | Published: April 2010
The Obama Administration's proposed national academic standards have met considerable debate in several states. Massachusetts has decided to stay firm on the state's own education quality and not adopt these standards unless they measure up to those established in the state.

Students should take advantage of SafeRides

By Sandy Shen | Published: April 2010
The night is winding down, and you just had an amazing time at your best friend's party. But let's face it, sometimes at parties you don't just drink chocolate milk and play monopoly. You have to admit that you and the people you came with all had a tiny bit too much to drink – and not of chocolate milk. You haven't chosen a designated driver because, really, who actually does that? Is it worth the risk for one of you to drive home? At South, we have a better option: a program called Safe Rides.

The problems and pains of Semi

By Brittany Bishop, Annie Cui and Sandy Shen | Published: April 2010
It's that time of year again. The trees are budding, the birds are singing, and people are scrambling madly to find a semi date.

This goes out to the (beautiful) chowder-heads

By Jeff Hurray and Adam Sachs | Published: April 2010
We will embark on a rather serious note for this column. Whereas Trigger was a facet of our imagination, we will now ground ourselves in reality in order to please all you unimaginative chowderheads who received our last column poorly. We will proceed to tell you about a man: a man's man, a woman's man and a friend to animals and people alike.

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