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The problems and pains of Semi

By Brittany Bishop, Annie Cui and Sandy Shen
Published: April 2010

It’s that time of year again. The trees are budding, the birds are singing, and people are scrambling madly to find a semi date.

Even two entire months before the annual event, most of the junior class is already suffering from pre-semi anxiety. What dress should I buy? How will I pay for the ticket? And most of all: Who. Will. I. Go. With?

Whispers of “do you have a date? and “who are YOU going with? fill the air as Semi swiftly approaches.

Although you can easily buy a ticket without a date, people are either relieved that they obtained one before that fateful increase in ticket prices or, for the unfortunate others, stuck with the burden of paying ridiculous amounts of more money, a whopping eleven dollars.

While students strive to find the “perfect date, most settle for close friends or just that random guy from math class.

You know the one: the strange kid who cheats off you and cracks weird jokes. Or maybe even the girl from North that you don’t know at all. Or in a rare instance, the convict. And despite the supposed chemistry between the couple, most of the time, they’re just friends.

Now that the most important factor is decided, there is always the dress, the shoes, the nails, and, of course, the hair. For guys, it’s easy.

All they have to get is a suit, and as long as he matches his date with corsage and tie, he won’t get murdered (just kidding, really¦ we won’t destroy you).

But honestly, if a girl suggests that a guy dress a certain way, he should agree (as long as it’s reasonable). A simple red tie and white corsage won’t kill you.

While we understand that guys are probably feeling a ton of pressure right now as well, they all must pall in comparison to the worries we face. We have to be careful in choosing either flats or heels –while universally flattering heels are clearly the way to go (they tighten your butt, lengthen your legs, and tone your calves), god forbid that you wind up taller than your date.

Also, the pressures of finding the most flattering dress is more than any of the opposite sex can comprehend. There’s the length, the color, and the style.

And sometimes, the perfect dress is completely sold out online, except for size 17. What a bummer. And finally, if you happen to go to semi with a certain senior, you might get some honesty box threats.

And what’s next after all of this craziness? The ride, the group, and the pictures.

Guys and girls seem to differ greatly when it comes down to these final concerns.

From what we’ve heard, girls want to go with their best friends. But what if their dates aren’t friends? Will it be awkward or a complete mess? Do the guys really care at all? It doesn’t really matter though because the guys will be forced to go anyways.

To be frank, girls only want pictures so that they can show off their date and dress, create a new Facebook photo album, and spend the next 48 hours stalking everyone else’s pictures.

By the end of the weekend, we’ll probably have seen at least 1,000 photos from semi alone, maybe more.

Soon enough, Semi will be here, filled with its bar and bat-mitzvah party glory (minus the games), and once you find that lucky someone and everything comes together, it hits you. The hardest part of your junior year is over. So, how about those SATs?

Get at me.

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