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Stand students dress up for Darfur

By Jenny Gerstner
Published: April 2010

Neon was the predominant theme on March 26 as South’s STAND Coalition hosted its second annual benefit concert to help prevent worldwide genocide.
The concert consisted of four different student bands and a student DJ.

“This year, we wanted to do something a little different, senior president of STAND Stephi Dworkin said.

“We wanted to have a dance party, so we had a DJ and asked everyone to wear neon. We thought it would be something really fun for the school and a good fundraiser.

The event was titled STAND Benefit Concert: The Remixx.

The show started with student rap duo GreenCard, and was followed by performances from student bands Pajammin’ and Vitamin Seed, as well as from junior Gabe Goodman. The last part of the concert was DJed by junior Alex Lyon.
“I loved that it wasn’t just a concert, senior Molly Weinstein said, “Everyone was dancing and having fun, she said.

Junior Rebecca Shait agreed: “The dance party was a great addition to the concert and really brought our whole school together. It didn’t matter who you’re typically friends with–everyone danced with everyone, and that was what made it so much fun.

The show was well attended, filling the lab theater with over 150 students.
Most attendees embraced the neon theme and came dressed in a myriad of bright colors; prizes were awards for the two best outfits of the night.

STAND sweatbands were also sold as a way to get students into the spirit of the concert and to raise more money.

There were also refreshments available for sale, all donated for the event.

Dworkin and fellow members senior Erika Rabb and junior Sammie Levin spoke to concert attendees about the STAND Coalition and the purpose of the event. “It seemed important to tell people about what’s going on in the world and the reason why they were there, Dworkin said.

“We also wanted to acknowledge and thank everyone who had helped to make the concert happen and to thank everyone who had come to show their support.

STAND member junior Sam Kropp said that the group had planned for a few months to get ready for the event.

“There was a lot we needed to do to get ready…there was a lot of organization that needed to be done, but every member of the group had a job, and everyone helped out. Everyone spread the word to publicize the concert and to get people to come, Kropp said.

“We tried to organize it in a way that would attract more people. I think it was a really big success, junior Sarah Miller said.

In the end, over 1700 dollars were raised for the organization Hope for Ariang, which works to build schools in the war-torn south of Sudan.

“The organization was created by one of the lost Boys of Sudan, Dworkin said, “so it meant a lot to know that the proceeds are going to a truly passionate group. The project is absolutely incredible.

The concert raised enough money to build half of a well, which will help ensure that the children in the school have clean drinking water.

The concert’s success was also apparent in the reactions of the students.
“It was great that STAND was able to do something really fun for the school, while working towards such a good cause, Weinstein said, “I’m really glad I went.

“It was something different than the usual school event. It was a great way to showcase student talent and to unwind on the weekend. The neon made it completely crazy, Shait said.

Freshman Jessie Katz agreed. “They should definitely have it again next year, she said.

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