Sports Spotlight: Gabe Feldstein

By Nick Sobel
Published: April 2010

Gabe Feldstein, starting goalie and captain of the Boys’ Hockey team, should need no introduction. His accolades speak for themselves.

A four-year Varsity starter, three-year Captain, four-time team MVP, two-time 110-Percent award winner, and four-time Dual County League (DCL) All-Star, Feldstein has excelled on the ice since his arrival at South.

Perhaps one of the most underrated athletes in the entire athletic program, Feldstein remains modest about his accomplishments. “You get out what you put in, and what I’ve put in is a lot of work, he said.

Feldstein began playing organized hockey in third grade. This early start not only allowed him to develop skills earlier than other players, but helped him find how hockey could give meaning to his life.

“I love [hockey], says Feldstein. “It’s something that I love to do and that gives me satisfaction. That’s all anyone can really ask for, right?

Under Feldstein’s leadership, the Hockey team has taken leaps forward. This past season, the team put itself in position to make a late season tournament run. The Lions missed the tournament by only two games, an accomplishment which has eluded them since the 1996 season.

For Feldstein, being a part of one of the strongest teams in 13 years would be an extraordinary way to end his outstanding high school career.

“We’ve worked hard, and of course there are games you look back on wishing we had pulled out a few more points, he said. “We’ve got a shot at the tournament and that’s really important.

This winter, the team posted a 7-11-2 record, a drastic improvement upon last season’s 2-15-3 mark. “He kept us in a lot of games we shouldn’t have been in, junior Ty McGarry said.

Feldstein’s skills played a large role in the program’s newfound success, as he had a tremendous impact on both the offense and defense.

From a defensive standpoint, having Feldstein between the pipes has taken the pressure off of the defense. “It’s good to know that he is behind you because if you make a mistake, you probably aren’t going to have to pay for it because he will make the save, senior Phil Rosenberg, a defenseman, said.

According McGarry, Feldstein’s presence has allowed him to be more aggressive on the offensive end. “I wasn’t too worried about having goals go into the net, he said.

Feldstein likes to fire up the team before games and between periods with impassioned motivational speeches. “Hockey is all about heart, Feldstein said. “The team that wants to win more will usually end up with the [win].

Said Rosenberg of the speeches: “He would say just go out there, do your best, and have fun. It helped a lot.

Feldstein has also taken time to guide the younger players on the team and act as a role model. Sophomore Danny Fitzpatrick noticed and admired Feldstein’s dedication and commitment.

“[Feldstein] would do anything for the team, and he would put his heart out during the game, he said. “He was just a great all-around player.

With his senior, season over, Feldstein is happy with the personal accolades that he received during the 2010 season. All-Conference, DCL All-Star, and Team MVP honors, combined with the 110-Percent award, round out an impressive high school career.

Feldstein will try out for the Hockey team at Northeastern University next winter, but is not sure whether he will make it.

“I don’t think I’m cut out to play Varsity, he said. “I think I’ll always be a part of [hockey], whether I’m a coach or something like that, but hockey will always be a part of my life, so that’s something I’ll look forward to.

Even though the team failed to make the tournament again, Feldstein’s legacy will remain: a great goalie, captain, and teammate.

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