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Opposing Viewpoints: Winning money for prom was an effort to make it unforgettable

By Liza Barnes
Published: April 2010

The online competition was a fair competition that we entered and won. I like to think of it like the lottery: everyone, from the rich to the needy, plays the lottery. But who is to say that the affluent population has no right to play the lottery?

Everyone is allowed to play, and everyone has an equal chance at winning. Danvers and South both had a fair shot and winning the $1,000, and we won fair and square.

Now some may ask why we enter the competition in the first place, because Newton is a wealthy town, so we can pay the few extra dollars for Prom. Right? Well, as a class officer, I made a promise to the class of 2010 that prom tickets would be as inexpensive as possible.

Students voted and attended various fundraisers, all to save a few dollars on the cost of Prom. But to be honest, very few people know how insignificant $1000 is in the overall cost of the event. The profit from several fundraisers combined, is what really makes a dent in the ticket price.

To be frank, the cost of some proms can hit $40,000. So who is to say that Danvers NEEDED that money and would not be able to have their prom without it? No one. One thousand dollars cannot have a major effect on anyone’s prom.

Money is money, but in the grand scheme of things $1,000 will never make or break a prom. Sure, it helps, but if Danvers needs the money that badly, there are several other ways to raise it. Bake sales, auctions, dances, concerts, shows, we are full of ideas! All they have to do is ask if they need some help brainstorming.

Over the years we’ve held various types of fundraisers to raise the large sum currently in our account.

This time, we just tried a different approach. We wanted to get everyone involved, and share the fun. Don’t deny that voting was not a popular topic of conversation among students and an awesome form of procrastination. Voting became an epidemic sweeping Newton, and many people can shamefully say that they had a little bit of fun participating.

Stumps simply created this contest so that whichever school could vote the most times would win the money. They were not trying to donate to charity or help a poor town. There are many other contests out there that are specifically for these causes. These contests are applied to and look at the actual statistics and facts about the school and town before choosing winners.

This Stumps competition was not like that, which is precisely why we entered this one, and not the others. The competition was just trying to give some free party favors to some schools in order to make their proms THAT much better and promote business for their website.

People who are concerned that we are spending too much money on our Prom do not need to worry. We, as class officers, completely agree that a portion of this “prom money could be going to a better cause, like a charity. But Danvers is NOT a charity. It is just another town that will have a prom regardless of the donations it may or may not receive.  If we have money remaining in our account after the event, we will without a doubt donate the money to charity. We have various charities in mind and have also considered setting up a scholarship fund if possible.

I am aware that proms are incredibly overpriced, but my promise to you is to lower the cost as much as I can.

Because of the support we have received, we have been able to keep the ticket price below $100. Some ticket prices of proms in the area even reach $115, but we will not come anywhere close to that. We only entered this contest for you, class of 2010. We plan fundraisers and raise money all for the sake of our class. If you would like to complain about us doing so, go ahead. But remember that the $1000 is insignificant in the long run, and we only wanted to make your senior prom as great as it can be.

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