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Parking Poses Problems

By Sammie Levin
Published: April 2010

Last Wednesday, I arrived at school after first block (I have first block free on Wednesdays’€“what’s really good) and drove (I drive’€“what’s really good) past the senior and teacher parking lots, gazing hopelessly at all of the empty spaces residing in such close proximity to the school.

Unfortunately, I had to drive by all of these forbidden spaces and make my way down Brandeis road.

I drove by the countless minivans and to my dismay (but inward relief because parallel parking is hard), there were no empty spots on Brandeis.

The next empty spot was about half of a mile down Greenwood Street. I parked, got out of the car and checked the time’€8:57.

I had approximately 3 minutes to make the long journey to school. Did I mention that it was pouring rain?

Though I am arguably the one at fault in this situation for not leaving myself enough time, there is a much more practical, feasible solution than my waking up 10 minutes earlier on the one day a week that I can sleep in.

If juniors were allowed to purchase the available spots in the senior or other parking lots, I would not have missed the first few minutes of Spanish and straggled into class late, soaking wet.

I know that I am not the only one that has had trouble with parking on Brandeis.

It is a safe bet that most juniors, with the exception of Adam Isselbacher (better known as ATI on Brandeis) who gets to school at 4:30 am to get the first spot, have encountered some sort of problem with the limited number of legal parking spaces, which is compounded by the increasing number of students receiving their license.

Junior Jeff Hurray, for example, found himself in a parking conundrum a few weeks ago.

Due to a lack of spaces on Brandeis, Hurray parked in an empty spot in one of the teacher parking lots.

A classmate soon notified him that his car was being towed, leading Hurray to sprint out of class to salvage his vehicle.

Luckily, he got there before his car was actually towed, but he was still forced to pay $90.

In this instance, the deficiency of spots led to a loss of time for both Hurray and the towing company, and a loss of money.

Money that could be going to the school if juniors were allowed to buy vacant spots in the senior lot!

Aside from the time that would be saved and the profit that the school could make, there is another major reason why opening the available spots to juniors would be beneficial: safety.

Something is wrong with the fact that the people who must parallel park at school are the ones that have just received their licenses.

Some people parking on Brandeis have had their license for less than a week, and almost all have had it for less than a year.

I find this to be a safety hazard, especially considering that I am perhaps the biggest danger on Brandeis road.

There have been a few times when crowds gathered along the sidewalk to catch me “ridin dirty up on the curb, but that is beside the point.

The point is that for the most past, inexperienced drivers may struggle with parking, which can lead to stress, traffic jams, and poorly parked cars that jut out into the street.

South senate has been working on opening parking spots to juniors.

According to member Jake Eisenberg, the senate counted the open spots and with some rough calculations found it could raise over $10,000.

Upon further investigation, the senate found that this money would actually be given to the city of Newton.

“The senate has been working to organize a large enough committee to speak with a city representative¦Hopefully by the end of this year, we will have worked out a policy allowing next year’s juniors second priority to extra spots in the senior lot, allowing for a much less crowded Brandeis road, Eisenberg said.

Until this quandary is solved, parkers on Brandeis need to be well equipped with comfortable shoes for the trek and a fair amount of patience.

If you see someone struggling to park or passed out on the sidewalk from expending too much energy on the walk to the building, then lend a helping hand.

Before taking any rash action and keying their car door in a fit of rage, just remember that we are all victims of the system and need to stick together.

But don’t stick it to the man, because he’ll just sticker you back.

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