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LitchPod Productions: students find passion in filmmaking

Posted By Ariel Rivkin On April 14, 2010 @ 12:28 am In Features | Comments Disabled

On a typical Friday afternoon most kids go home, hang out with friends, go to practices, games, or study. For seniors Josh Podrid and Adam Litchman, a typical Friday afternoon consists of filming, acting, and producing “magic.

Adam Litchman has been interested in film since he was 11 years old. It was only after meeting Josh Podrid during their junior year at Newton South High School, however, that the two began producing short films through their own production company called LitchPod Productions.

“I wanted to be a filmmaker all of my life, but I have been really living film my junior and senior year, Litchman said. Productions began after Podrid and Litchman met and started experimenting with Podrid’s camera.

As the two became familiar with filming techniques they began to publicize their works and LitchPod Productions was created.

The two quickly became friends as well as productive partners.

“We’re both very critical of each other and can be honest without any restraints…that’s what makes us such a good team, Podrid said.

Both understand that productivity is essential to the tiring process of filming so the young filmmakers usually spend Friday afternoons filming and some time on Sundays editing.

With the help of volunteer actors and participants, filming can serve as a bonding experience for the participants. Zack Litchman, a freshman at Newton South and the younger brother of Adam Litchman is one of the actors who is able to perform and bond with his older brother.
“He is a total natural actor, Podrid said. “Without any real prior experience, he stepped up in our films and took on a role of lead actor in all of our productions. His facial expressions are limitless and express true deep emotion, Podrid said.

Despite only existing for one year, LitchPod Productions has produced numerous short comedies. The acting in the films is improvisational, as Litchman and Podrid never write scripts.

The films always follow a plot outline, however, to ensure structure in the films. Currently, LitchPod Productions only produces comedies, but the two plan to branch out to different genres soon.

“¦In the future I don’t want to make just comedies. I want to make dark comedies and horror films, Litchman said.

The only thing stopping LitchPod from branching out is the need to acquire newer and better video editing and shooting equipment.

“We don’t have¦the equipment to make a decent film above twenty minutes¦. I am, however, for the most part, satisfied with the quality of our films. But of course we want to improve, Litchman said.

In order to improve, the production company, which is currently a non-profit organization, hopes that at some point, there will be incoming revenue.

“We do this because it’s what we love. We have no intentions of making profit of it really, we just do it because it’s what we enjoy, Litchman said.

“We are hoping to¦eventually make some kind of monetary benefit from this so we can upgrade our amateur video editing and shooting equipment, he added.

Although LitchPod does not have the necessary means to produce top-notch films right now, the filmmakers feel LitchPod Productions offers many benefits. Adam Litchman enjoys gaining experience through producing so many films.

“LitchPod Productions is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, Litchman said. “I have really begun to find my voice as a storyteller.

Litchman also believes that LitchPod Productions has taught him to be more proactive. “[LitchPod Productions] has motivated me to take initiative and make films¦One of the hardest elements of filmmaking for a student is to pick up a camera, Litchman said. And “doing is exactly what the filmmakers have been doing. LitchPod Productions entered its first film contest this past February.

“We entered our first film contest in February, but lost. I am not disappointed at all. It was an international competition, Litchman said.

Despite losing, Litchman and Podrid are not disheartened and remain proud of their films.
“Some people love to dance, some sing, others act. Adam and I…we love to create. We are visionaries who work until we have a finished product we are proud of, Podrid said. With the two producers heading to separate colleges in the near future, LitchPod Productions may need to pause producing.

“LitchPod may have to take a respite upon [our] acceptance at potentially different colleges, a struggle we will endure…but we plan to meet in Hollywood after graduation, Podrid said.

Regardless of pausing production or limited equipment, LitchPod Production remains a strong component of both Podrid’s and Litchman’s lives. The two filmmakers are excited about a new film coming out very soon.

“LitchPod productions is a way of living; it epitomizes passion, Podrid said.

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