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Denebola supports the proposed security cameras

By Denebola
Published: April 2010

Last week, a joint proposal was presented to the Interim Superintendent by the principals of Newton South and Newton north about the use of security cameras in both schools.  These cameras, to be installed next summer if it is approved, will be used to protect student’s safely and the security of the school.

The School Committee Board must pass this proposal before it is implemented but first, the School Committee’s policy about cameras in schools must be rethought.

At the moment, cameras can only be installed in Newton schools for a limited period of time to resolve a specific problem.  They cannot be used for any other purpose.

Security cameras in South and North would be beneficial not only to the security of the school but the general learning environment the Newton Pubic School System tries to create.

Security cameras would make students think twice about disruptive actions, such as pulling the fire alarm, that have become increasingly common.  Security cameras are a necessary step towards creating an environment where all students and faculty can feel safe and secure.

The main criticism of this proposal is the possible violation of student’s right to privacy, but this should not be an issue.  As long as students are aware that the cameras are installed, there is no problem.  The camera’s may make people feel uneasy at first, every member of the Newton community should be aware that the cameras are there to help, not to spy.

Student’s moves should not be monitored, but if a problem arises, there will be a visual trail of what occurred.  The cameras would help take preventative action against a future problem within the school.

Denebola sees no wrong with the proposal for security cameras and encourages their use to strengthen our community by making it a safer and a more secure place for everyone.

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