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Acafest sings for Haiti

By Ally Dellheim and Julia MacKenzie
Published: April 2010

In an effort to raise money for Haiti, various a cappella ensembles participated in South’s Acafest on April 9. Ultimately, Acafest received exceptional praise and acclaim from its spectators.

Acafest featured three different a cappella groups: South’s Newtones, Harvard’s LowKeys, and Brandeis’s VoiceMale.

Fashioning a cheerful and lively atmosphere, organizers brightened up the auditorium with colorful balloons and streamers. The audience, excited to hear the voices of peers and local college students, filled the auditorium.

South’s a cappella group, the Newtones, is coed, and its members range from freshmen to seniors.

“I have been singing for as long as I can remember… I joined Newtones freshman year, and was one of two freshmen to make it, junior Jaclyn Horowitz said.

The Newtones were the opening and closing acts of the show. During “Feel Good Inc., sophomore Aaron Wolff got the crowd excited when he ran up and down the aisles laughing as the Gorillaz member, De La Soul, does in the recorded version.

The next group to perform was the coed group the LowKeys. One of the five songs they sang was “Love Me, by contemporary artist Justin Bieber.

The third group that performed was VoiceMale. The audience thoroughly enjoyed VoiceMale’s singing, especially during “Listen, a song by Beyoncé. The two soloists, identical twins Aden and Dotan Horowitz, garnered applause from the audience.

One of the group members, junior Adam Levine, has been a member of VoiceMale since his freshman year. He started voice lessons in the third grade and has been recognized for his outstanding voice numerous times.

Levine was runner up for the Contemporary A Cappella Rerecording Award.

During this competition, Levine beat last year’s American Idol contestant Anoop Desai, who placed sixth. He also won Best Male Collegiate Solo during the same competition.

During the Newtones’ performance, members of the group even came out and announced each group with a song, beat boxing, or skits, adding humor to the already enjoyable performances.

Coincidentally, both the Newtones and LowKeys sang the song “California Dreamin’, and both the LowKeys and VoiceMale sang Lady Gaga medleys.
Still, both performances were unique, using unique songs or styles, and making every aspect of the performances pleasing and different.

Even with repititions of songs, the three groups managed to make their performances unique.

VoiceMale even incorporated hilarious dance moves that the audience got a kick out of. Not only were the performances entertaining and filled with amazing talent, but the event raised a good amount of money for a great cause.

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