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A great Tertulia makes for the best school day of the year

By Madeline Frieze
Published: April 2010

Over the years, Tertulia has expanded from a small collection of acts to an all day showcase of student talents.

For those unfamiliar with its origins, Tertulia is an annual talent show in memory of junior Maxine Chansky, a lover of arts, music and culture.

Needless to say, this year’s performances proved extraordinary.

Prior to the show’s premiere, Tertulia club members had to audition the performers.

With an increase in people who auditioned, the number of groups cut increased significantly.

Although it was stressful and difficult to choose the performers, a final list was set and created for the big day.

A week prior to Tertulia, teachers scrambled to sign up for the blocks early, making sure to obtain a spot.

Regrettably, the seats were limited and the auditorium was not big enough to fit everyone who signed up.

Students urged their respective teachers to sign up for Tertulia; however, many requests were denied.

At the start of each block, hallways filled with song, an unfortunate reminder for students unable to view the show.

During specific periods throughout the day, performers warmed up for their routines, from dances and vocal performances to beat-boxing numbers and spinning lights.

Many bands that performed, including Cuss Filled Rants, Pajammin’, First Train In, and Snugs, got students up on their feet. These groups played originals, covers, and even a few mash-ups to please the crowd.

Specifically, Dyin’ Dawgz, equipped with rapping, beat boxing, singing, and a violin, surprised the audience with their songs, and Eight Inch Friends rapped and sang, backed up by violins and a full band.

Seniors Ross McDonald, Greg Gruener, and Jacob Liverman played a well-known MGMT song with some daring students on stage dancing behind them.
Other singers pleased the crowd with more simple songs, some with an instrument and others with just their voices.

Pajacapella sang a capella, reassuring the audience that they are a completely different group from Pajammin’ and humoring the listeners with an interpretation of Justin Bieber’s “One Time.

Senior Sayuri Ito impressed multiple blocks with her singing skills, both as a soloist and with the a capella group the Newtones.

Olivia Schutte sang and played guitar beautifully, amazing the crowd with her remarkable voice, and Senior Mike Richarde, who sang and played guitar with cellist sophomore Aaron Wolff, gave a particularly poignant performance during F-block.

Richarde’s angelic voice combined with the harmonious playing of Wolff moved the crowd.

Seniors Silver Ko and David Park sent the audience through the roof with an amazing rendition of “If I Ain’t Got You, especially when Park unexpectedly came out from behind the curtain to sing his solo.

Of course, there were also the dancers, from professional dance studios to student groups, such as the dance team and the step squad, to individual student performers.

Ballroom dancers, sophomore Ava Donovan, junior Ron Garber, junior Allen Rudman, and senior Michelle Tuzman, performed with great enthusiasm, prompting many students to tap their feet and dance in their seats.

Junior Jeffrey Alkins was also a highlight performance with his skilled and practiced movements, while mathematics teachers Martha Moyer and Sharon O’Connor lit up the stage with a fun and sparkling tap routine.

Students were thrilled to see their talented teachers in the spotlight.

Of course, there are always the more unexpected performances.

Freshman Raphael Kasobel did a spinning light routine, captivating the audience with the quick movements and neon.

Junior Laura Haime and Senior Nina Bellio, although infused with different styles, both did renditions of belly dancing.

This year’s Tertulia was a huge success as always. The success of this talent show is due to the hard work of the Tertulia Club, which organized the event.
The stage crew moved equipment on and off the stage throughout the event, while the light and sound crew created the atmosphere for each act.

This year’s show, a collaborative effort among all involved, proved truly spectacular.

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