March 2010 Issue

Victory for the people

By Luckmini Liyanage | Published: March 2010
“Access to healthcare was the great unfinished business of our society'€that is, until today, spoke Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, referencing a letter the late Senator Kennedy wrote to President Obama. The reform for healthcare has been long overdue.

Too much, too fast, too soon

By James Palmer | Published: March 2010
The recent debate over health care bill has been one of the most controversial and important political battles within my lifetime and for most of it, I have been extremely confused.

Book Review: A reminder that we can all improve

By David Han | Published: March 2010
For those of us who wish to find cures for incurable diseases, who aspire to help others in ways most cannot, who desire to dedicate their lives for the wellbeing of others, Atul Gawande's book Better: A Surgeon's Notes On Performance offers a glimpse of the profession of doctors, underneath the social prestige and inside the operating room.

Students find homes around the building

By Ashan Singh and Helen Holmes | Published: March 2010
On any given day, it's a safe bet that you'd arrive at school with some time to kill before your first class. Naturally, most kids try to congregate based on their specific social groups, and it's become quite apparent that each group has found its place in different parts of the building.

Living a double life: twins at South

By Sammie Levin and Ariel Rivkin | Published: March 2010
Due to their identical age and shared DNA, twins are always bound to be compared to one another. This comparison generally leads to sets of twins being labeled as “good or “bad. For example, in the infamous movie Eurotrip, brother and sister Jamie and Jenny are deemed “the worst twins ever, after an excess of Absinthe leads them to a scarring mistake. A more functional relationship between twins is portrayed in the countless Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson detective movies from their childhood, as they successfully work together to “solve any crime by dinner time.

Disruptive atmosphere at library induces stress

By Ariel Rivkin | Published: March 2010
A typical library is a special place that provides the public with a quiet environment filled with a plethora of literature and other resources. Many use the library for its books, focused environment, and computers.

Is the presence of Naviance a success or distress?

By Sammie Levin | Published: March 2010
Though it is only March, Newton South juniors have already begun to embark on the dark, daunting journey known as the college application process. In the past several weeks, juniors have connected to Naviance, a program that allows students to access college admissions information from the past few graduating classes at South, enabling them to compare their academic credentials with past applicants.

FML: new comic relief

By Wendy Ma | Published: March 2010
Being a high school student has its perks, and undeniably, its frustrations. Stress about homework, grades and friendship drama builds up, leading students to use websites such as FML as an outlet for their anxiety.

View from the Top: Jenn Mountain and Cora Visnick

By Cora Lee Visnick and Jen Mountain | Published: March 2010
Though our fellow twenty-ten-ers have done an excellent job thus far of showing all you little doobies the light, here are ten vital gems of high school knowledge that have been unknowingly overlooked. Never fear'€we are here to hold your hand. 1. Actually winning a superlative is sooo '09. Placing a very close second'€one vote, but who's counting'€is the new black. We're not bitter¦ We claimed our own consolation prize: open invitation to every PDA event. That's fair, guys, right? Hey Team: it's still six or nothing. We'll sneak you in the bathroom window.

Male gymnast finds success on a one man team

By Maarten Van-Genabeek | Published: March 2010
“I lost everything and yet, I won everything junior Carlos Morales said at the end of his Boys' Gymnastics season.

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