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Students find homes around the building

Posted By Ashan Singh On March 24, 2010 @ 5:07 am In Features | Comments Disabled

On any given day, it’s a safe bet that you’d arrive at school with some time to kill before your first class. Naturally, most kids try to congregate based on their specific social groups, and it’s become quite apparent that each group has found its place in different parts of the building.

Following tradition, the senior class continues to find their hangout spot in the Wheeler Commons, which has also come to be known as the fabled Senior Commons.

“It’s really convenient, senior Liza Barnes said. “We won’t block the hallways, and we’re free to make as much noise as we want.

Senior Stephi Dworkin agreed, claiming, “the senior commons is a nice place to meet up with everyone in between classes.

Despite the convenience of the relatively empty lounge featuring nothing more than a few couches, the presence of the commons seems far more respected due to the traditions that lay behind it.

“I don’t really know why we’re excited to have the commons; it’s really just tradition and an honor. No other grade really has a space where they can hang out, so it’s cool that the seniors get a designated spot, Barnes said.

The junction between the mixed media and photo room, considered as the “artsy hallway, has taken a far different course than the Senior Commons.

Rather than having an area dedicated to the presence of a specific grade, the hallway has been deemed home to students and friends with common interests centralized around the arts.

Students scramble to have lunch in and around the hallway, especially in the Mixed Media and Glass room. Clara Lorant, a sophomore, says she “loves having lunch in the photo and mixed media rooms despite the overall atmosphere being a “bit pretentious.

“It’s usually too crazy and there aren’t enough chairs, Lorant said.

Further down the artsy hallway is the chorus room, where students love to spend their free time during lunches and free blocks.

“You can eat there, listen to music, play the piano, and really get to spend time around other kids who really enjoy music, junior Jake Light said. “You’ll find that kids who aren’t in any chorus or music classes hang out there to be with their friends. Some actually end up making new friends. It’s not as loud as the cafeteria, not as crowded, and there’s always a place to sit, and you’re generally with people who you like hanging out with, rather then just who happens to be there [the cafeteria].

When the weather is warm outside, the courtyard serves a good spot for students during their free blocks. “It’s nice to get out for some fresh air after being cooped up inside all day, junior Anastasia Lymar said.

Lastly the library, easily the most populated area in the school year-round. Time and time again it has proven that no social group or grade has any form of dominance in the library.

As for the merit of actually getting work done in the library, senior Greg Gruener points out that he “like[s] coming to the library because [his] friends are here.

“It’s really the only reason I like to come here. It’s difficult to get work done unless you’re really, really focused, he said.

Hangout spots througout the school have developed in a way that there’s some place for everyone to feel comfortable.

Junior Jacob Gilbert, who just transferred from New Jewish Gann Academy this year believes “at first it’s tough for people to find a spot around the school to hangout.

“In the beginning, I just wandered a lot, but after a little bit, I realize that there’s a space for everyone in the school, Gilbert said.

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