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Senate investigates picnic table option

Posted By Dayun Keum On March 24, 2010 @ 3:46 am In News | Comments Disabled

students with alternative environments for lunch, the South Senate is investigating the option of buying several outdoor tables. Originally proposed by Principal Joel Stembridge in response to his earlier no eating in the hallways policy, the Senate hopes that the outdoor table alternative will satisfy students who are uncomfortable with eating in the cafeteria.

“Many students are resentful over the new policy which was implemented this year, banning students from eating in the hallways, Senate President and senior Ben Chelmow said.

Ever since students vocalized their discontent over the policy at the beginning of the school year, the Senate has searched for ways to repeal or change it. Recently, the Senate formed the Cafeteria Alternatives Committee (CAC) to investigate and research possible options for lunch environments.

“We found out that the policy itself really could not be changed, so we had to think of alternative solutions, junior Caroline Rosa, a member of the CAC, said.

The CAC and Stembridge came up with the solution of buying several outdoor tables and placing them in areas such as the courtyard or the enclosed area outside of the cafeteria.

“It will be a good place for people to get together and eat outside when the weather gets nicer, Rosa said.

The Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) agreed to support the plan and awarded the CAC with a $1000 grant for the purchase of the tables several weeks ago. The PTSO grant came with a stipulation, however, that ensured that the tables were made of a durable and vandalism-proof material such as metal or cement. These requirements led to complications.

“Cement or metal tables are actually more expensive than we expected, Rosa said. “We would only be able to buy one [table] with the $1000 grant.

Rosa added, however, that a few hundred dollars of grant money would remain after the first purchase, and that Stembridge agreed to cover the remaining cost of the second table.

The Senate is currently coming up with ways to raise more money to purchase multiple picnic tables so that more than just a few students can use them during lunch and free blocks.

The CAC is planning on surveying several advisories this week to get an idea of what locations for the tables are most popular with students.

“We really want students to share their input with us, whether it’s in person or online. I want to emphasize that they can play a major role in the decision making process on this issue and all others in the future, Senate member and junior David Altman said.

Many students are excited for the opportunity to have an adequate place to sit outside.

“[The outdoor tables] would be helpful because the cafeteria is always so crowded, junior Kyla Kouadio said. “It will benefit everyone, but only as long as the there are trashcans as well.

The CAC will issue a report to Stembridge on the table’s design specifications, costs, proposed locations, and information on additional trash receptacles to be placed in the area within the coming weeks. The Senate hopes to have the picnic tables installed soon after.

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