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Myspace: The new music frontier

By Madeline Frieze
Published: March 2010

There are three things a musician needs: an instrument, a song, and a myspace page. Musicians all over the world want to be discovered. One way to receive this fame and fortune is to post music online.

With this in mind, South students have also begun to utilize the internet as a tool to establish themselves as artists. Allowing artists to expand even further, online music sites are an important medium for artists including those of South to use.

Junior Gabe Goodman is one of the many talented musicians at South. Having played guitar and bass his whole life, Goodman recently composed his album, Conundrummer. However, to promote his music, Goodman now offers his music online free of charge.

“Myspace is sort of necessary these days. It’s the easiest way to give people an idea of what you’re doing musically and it’s definitely helped me get gigs and find an audience outside of school, Goodman said.

While Goodman was a member of the band Kitchens during his freshman and sophomore years, he now records music without being a part of a band. In this regard, Goodman has installed a recording studio in his room. “I just record stuff whenever I feel like it. Nothing’s really done outside my bedroom, said Goodman.

“[Goodman's music is a] gust of fresh air on a sweaty sports-Sunday afternoon, [creating an] inspiring umami of sound, said sophomore Jonah Reider.

Vitamin Seed is one example of a band at South that has utilized its resources; the band has also put its music online, free of charge. Junior Pat Walsh, a member of Vitamin Seed, explains that when together, his band is very ademant about finishing their songs and reaching perfection.

Vitamin Seed’s new album, Comet Crystal Drip, is available online. Contemplating the success of their myspace page, members of Vitamin Seed agree that it is a valuable resource for independent musicians.

“It’s a terrific way to expose people to your music, although you certainly don’t need one to be successful, Walsh said.

“Downloading albums off the internet allows me to put them on my iPod. When a lot of kids have your band on their iPod, it’s a pretty big deal, junior Elena Origlio said. Moreover, while senior Rebecca Fleisher prefers live performances, she admits that Myspace has the potential to also grasp her attention.

Like his peers, Dan Lawrence uses Myspace as a means to display his music. Currently, Lawrence is working on a full-length album which will be featured online. “[Myspace is] an easy way for other people to hear and enjoy [your music], Lawrence said.

“It’s very important for bands to keep their music online because one, they are high school bands, so few people would buy it, and two, it’s just good to spread your music, senior musician Eric Phillips said.

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