Living a double life: twins at South

By Sammie Levin and Ariel Rivkin
Published: March 2010

Due to their identical age and shared DNA, twins are always bound to be compared to one another. This comparison generally leads to sets of twins being labeled as “good or “bad. For example, in the infamous movie Eurotrip, brother and sister Jamie and Jenny are deemed “the worst twins ever, after an excess of Absinthe leads them to a scarring mistake. A more functional relationship between twins is portrayed in the countless Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson detective movies from their childhood, as they successfully work together to “solve any crime by dinner time.

But what are twins like in the real world, or more specifically, in the South community? How do the nature of their relationships affect their home and school lives?

Sophomore twins Isabelle and Simone Groper, who share many common interests and are best friends, are as compatible as the Olson sisters. “We’ve gone through a lot together, and I probably wouldn’t have gotten through any of it if I didn’t have Isabelle,Simone said. At school, however, Simone explains that she and her sister “aren’t really close at all, and even kind of act hostile toward each other as a joke in front of other people.

In spite of this, when asked how her relationship with Isabelle would be different if they did not both attend South, Simone reasoned that their relationship at home would not be significantly affected. “Despite the stupid fights that come up, we are always there for each other…she’s my best friend, Simone said.

Junior twins Ryan and Adam Sonnenberg have a similar relationship to the Gropers. “We are pretty good friends…there is no competitiveness between us, Ryan said. Due to their tight-knit bond and mutual friends, Ryan believes that their relationship most likely would not be affected if they went to different schools.

On the other hand, junior twins Matt and Jake Light, are not as closely bonded. “Jake and I have totally opposite interests. He participates in the theatre program while I partake in athletics, Matt said. Jake reiterated this point, claiming, “we are polar opposites in that you find Matt hanging around the field house and me hanging around the chorus room.

The two rarely see each other in school, and when they do it is just in passing, as they have never had a class together. “When we pass each other in the halls, he gives a friendly nod while I say ‘ËœHI MATT!’…he usually does not respond, Jake said.

Unlike Simone and Ryan, Jake thinks that his relationship with his twin would be positively impacted if they attended separate schools. “I think we would like each other more than we do, not that we don’t like each other already, Jake said.

The Light twins agree that their relationship at home is generally inconsistent. “Sometimes we get along perfectly watching TV, but when Jake is singing at night while I’m trying to sleep, a conflict is most likely to occur, Matt said. Jake added that they mind their own business unless they are playing Xbox 360, Wii, or basketball together.

Despite their differences and conflicts, Matt and Jake do share common interests, like music, video games, and sports, and have maintained mutual friendships with people they have been best friends with since elementary school.

Along with single gendered twins, twins of different genders also share unique relationships. Junior twins Nate and Samantha Kropp are a set of twins of the opposite sex. Nate and Sam partake in similar activities and despite being of different genders, are still compared and therefore compete with one another.

“We are constantly compared, Sam said. “We are both into sports, are friendly people and have similar grades. But the twins themselves also partake in comparing one another. “We compete a lot with grades, Sam said.

In addition to their competition, the Kropp twins have two very different personalities, which can sometimes lead to tension in their relationship.

“He’s much more outgoing and loud, Sam said of her brother. “I’m more shy and quiet.

These differences can lead to arguments between the two twins.

“She sometimes gets mad at me…She’ll get mad at me because I don’t stop talking in chemistry class, Nate said, referring to his sister.

Nate and Sam lead more or less separate lives at home.

“At home we don’t really talk about our personal lives, Nate said.

Sam, who agrees that the two don’t discuss their personal lives, believes that living with someone her age can have benefits.

“Even though we do fight, it is nice to have someone to talk about school and friendships,Sam said.

The nature of relationships between a set of twins varies greatly from set to set, but whether they are best friends or archenemies, “good or “bad, they share a connection that is distinct and unique from all other relationships impacting their lives both inside and outside of school.

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