March 2010 Issue

Prolonged rain causes immense damage

By Dan Agarkov | Published: March 2010
When she moved into her house, resident Jennifer Ma had no idea about the trouble it would cause her. After the recent rainfall, Ma's backyard, driveway, and basement were flooded with over two feet of water, covering most of her car and leaving knee-high water in her basement.

Slew of seniors strive for tournament berth

By Daniel Kats | Published: March 2010
With the bitter ending of last season still raw in the minds of eight of this year's nine starters, the 2010 Varsity Baseball team expects that its experience will help extend its season deep into the postseason.

Basketball misses out on championship

By Maarten Van-Genabeek | Published: March 2010
The Girls' Basketball team, despite their talented core of juniors, experienced an early exit from this year's playoffs, losing 61-54 to Wellesley High School.
Editor's Note: Sue Fisher was an exemplary history teacher; in fact she was an exemplary teacher of many other things, large and small, significant and (seemingly) trivial, obvious and obscure, conventional and outrageous.

Iraqi Elections Stir Turmoil

By Brandon Caldwell | Published: March 2010
On Iraq's election day, insurgents killed 36 people to show support for the former Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi.

Postcard from China: Celebrating the new year

By Michelle Chin | Published: March 2010
I woke up to the sounds of war on February 14, 2010. The crackling of explosives shouts and screams, and sirens all rang out in unison. The color of blood flooded the streets. While that morning began as a bright and sunny day with blue sky it quickly filled with fire and gunpowder.

UK Foreign Minister Lectures at MIT

By Jenny Wong | Published: March 2010
On Wednesday March 10, David Miliband, the UK Foreign Minister, visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology delivering “The War in Afghanistan: How to end it, MIT's annual Karl Taylor Compton Lecture.

Seismic trend reaches Asia

By Daniel Fuchs | Published: March 2010
A series of mid-to-high level earthquakes occurred off the coasts of Taiwan and Japan from late February to early March, causing damage throughout the region.

What to do when your country tears apart

By Laura Haime | Published: March 2010
Only weeks after an 8.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Chile, the Chilean government experienced a political shift as the new president was sworn in on March 11.

Countering Stereotypes: France

By Tanguy Marquis | Published: March 2010
France: not the home of the brave, not the home of fast-food, not the home of the American dream, but rather, the home of something more refined.

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