February 2010 Issue

Senior Slump is the beginning of a bad habit

By Sidrah Baloch | Published: February 2010
Senioritis. According to UrbanDictionary.com, the symptoms are severe (“laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants ¦ a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude), and the cure singular (graduation).

Sophomore Speeches: Taking one for the Team

By Brittany Bishop | Published: February 2010
Members of the Speech Team face more pressures and bias during the Sophomore Speech competition than people realize. Although the speech competition attempts to stay fair, the classroom stage of the competition can inhibit the best performers from moving on due to prejudice in their classmates' votes.

It’s all about the wordplay

By Mara Sahleanu | Published: February 2010
I am in no place to knock creativity of any kind. I also tend to be stingy with my use of teenage phrases that go against the grammar rules dictated to me by formal education.

Outsourcing the cafeteria

By Aron Milberg | Published: February 2010
The cafeteria staff at South might be looking for work sometime soon as, in an effort to cut costs, the Newton Public Schools are planning to privatize the lunch services. The staff, currently coupled with Newton Public Schools, would be subject to the rules and payment of the private company to whom NPS is outsourcing.

Death of an industry

By Alice Lee | Published: February 2010
You've most likely seen in the news, ironically, something about the decline of the newspaper industry.

Gabe’s goodbye

By Gabe Glissen-Brown | Published: February 2010
Well, my faithful readers, this is the end. Like a mother bird letting her babies go, I can no longer chew and regurgitate information into your waiting beaks. It is now the job of some non-senior whom I do not care to make the acquaintance of'€maybe someone named Chuck. Or someone else altogether.

Just how rounded is too “well rounded”?

By Shayna Sage and Gabriel Schneider | Published: February 2010
For many freshmen, club fairs can generate some serious discomfort. Colorful posters and display tables line the cafeteria walls as energetic students solicit names of unsuspecting freshmen for their club emailing lists.

What are colleges looking for?

By Leigh Alon | Published: February 2010
Newton South students are notorious for their skewed view of college, often resulting in long sleepless nights spent completing piles of homework. What these high-strung insomniacs may be surprised to hear, is that the “straight A student they are giving up so much to be, isn't necessarily what colleges are looking for.

Overbooked: A life without breaks

By Chaela Jones | Published: February 2010
My life, to say the least, is overbooked. I am constantly on the go and I rarely take a break. Some think I am crazy for spreading myself so thin, but I'm passionate about eveything I do. Though it's time consuming to be so involved in the community, I'm fully committed to doing what I love to do.

South reflects on Brown’s victory

By Adam Goldstein | Published: February 2010
In a special senatorial campaign that drew much national attention, Massachusetts unexpectedly elected Republican candidate Scott Brown over Democratic candidate Martha Coakley. Brown, the first Republican senator in Massachusetts since 1953, represents the 41st vote in the senate to sustain a filibuster and potentially put on hold President Barack Obama's plans for change.

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