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Volume 49: That’s What She Said

Posted By Claire Pezza On February 10, 2010 @ 3:50 am In Editorials and Opinions | Comments Disabled

Hey Ladiezzzz, we know, it’s hard to believe, but the illustrious Volume 49 has come to a close. Because every good “farewell article needs at least one cliché, we’ll say it’s been a wild ride. We wouldn’t have it any other way, though.

The volume began with that semi-awkward Article Ideas meeting at Amrita’s house where we surprised you all with your favorite flavors of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Remember, we covertly hid the ice cream flavor question in amongst other weirder ones in our first staff-wide email? “Do you sleep with a stuffed animal at night? “What’s your favorite season? and of course, “Best Ben and Jerry’s flavor? But don’t worry, we know we’ve gotten weirder since then.

Vol49 managed to produce what was arguably the first March issue in the history of Denebola that didn’t suck, and the epicness continued for all glorious eight issues afterward. So let’s recount the g00d timez, shall we?

We know that staying here past our bedtimes may seem entirely unappealing to the unseasoned outsider, but you can’t tell us that receiving 10 orders of scallion pancakes a night and the occasional ice cream cake in return for your efforts isn’t worth it. You just can’t.

No one quite knows how it happened, but we got through Grad unscathed. If anyone who’s not a Denebola veteran is reading this, we’re gonna do a little analogy, old school SAT-style. Grad is to Denebola as Wednesday is to the school week: the hump. Once you get through Grad you can do anything (though you still won’t be able to figure out what the status of the Book Review is). And now it’s time to brag a little. Not only were we unscathed, we made the biggest Grad issue in Denebola history. THE biggest (that’s what she said). And yes, Jesse, the front page did look better after you made their heads all the same size, we’ll admit it now.

The blackbird may sing in the dead of night, but he also came flying into 9202 one unassuming spring weekend paste-up when Mr. White decided to open the window. Sadly, only JSklar and JYoffe were here to see that go down, but we assure you our fearless advisor is fully capable of trapping a live, wild bird in a plastic bag.

We never used the phrase “SO THUG more than when we were copy-editing Fold, Feats wins for most cohesive section, and thanks to News for always being so prompt during Monday night send-ups (no, but we do love you guys. Seriously).

We laid pages to the rhythm of Alex’s persistent percussion and beatboxing, and Justin’s smile and BALLIN’ ad-getting were all we needed to de-stress ourselves in the midst of some classic Denebochaos, like the time the printer would only print in alien language (oh wait, it still does that. NICE!).

Now for the sappy part of our farewell (you knew it was coming, so no tears, please). The first time we had to stand up in front of the homeroom and yell at you guys to get ad$ was weird. We didn’t feel like your leaders; we were just some scrawny kids at South. But just like we grew up and learned how to run a paper, you guys grew up with us, learned how to make a paper.

We won’t lie. When we sat down to make the staff list last February, we had NO idea if this volume would work. What could we expect from a volume assembled primarily, and unnervingly, of first-timers? But what we found in this very same staff was a family. A weird, and really dysfunctional, but legitimate and loving family, too. We’ve definitely come a long way as a volume with regard to the paper, but also with regard to our relationships with one another.

We got to know each other so well that we could predict Tango Mango or Starbucks orders even before someone placed it and driving each other home in the middle of the night was practically expected. We knew whose phone was ringing from across the room based solely on ringtone.

So here’s to The Big Fifty coming up behind us. We’re not a track team (nor is Denebola a locker room), but we’re passing the baton. It’s been fun, but it’s time for us to go, so peace out, snitches. ILY, The SEs.

Oh, and never forget that Robbie’s soft spot is his velcro’€you will thank us for this tip later.

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