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View from the Top: Pajammin’

Posted By Denebola On February 10, 2010 @ 3:03 am In Features | Comments Disabled

Contributed by Matt Breuer, Sam Forman, Josh Richards, Nick Sobel, and Ben Weissman.

VH1′s hit TV show Behind the Music gave viewers an inside look at famous bands and musical artists, showing how their music came to be. Denebola‘s hit feature “View from the Top often presents a mini-clique of seniors making annoying inside jokes and acting cool.

We’re going to combine the two so that everybody’s happy. Behind the Music: Pajammin’ Edition.

“Colorado–There once was a girl who came up before the sun, silently straightened and curled her hair, missed her hometown, and messed with Nick’s emotional well-being, thereby making her the subject of our first two hit songs. Thanks!!

“Texas–Looks like we frown upon Southern conservative culture. Who knew?!

“Burnin’ Up–We have been told on numerous (and completely separate) occasions that we bear a striking resemblance to the Jonas Brothers. Also, we’re hot.

“On the Edge–Deadlines? Pssshhht, who needs them? We prefer to live on the edge. No better way to write a column!

“New Song 1–Creativity in song titles? Pssshhht, who needs it?

If you want to buy an album, feel free to look up “Josh Richards Unleashed, “50 Songs for 50 States, “Onesie Wars, “Safety Girl, “The Basement Sessions, or “Live at STAND on iTunes. If that doesn’t work, talk to Matt and Nick, and tell them to get started on recording an actual album.

So we’re the preeminent senior band now, and we look forward to a year of playing right after The Delta and right before Vitamin Seed. Despite the usual monotony of Newton South oriented gigs, we are really looking forward to maybe someday sharing the stage with Don’t Look Back (their passion for music inspires us).

If they want, we could all get on stage at the same time and do one of those huge, clichéd, activist songs. It would be two Nicks on the mic singing “We Are the World or maybe the Captain Planet theme song. And wouldn’t that get the crowd on its feet! Everyone loves DLB but nobody more than we.

It is standard operating procedure for seniors to provide their view, from the top, on other grades.

Our general consensus: the juniors are cool. The freshmen are super cool. The sophomores¦ exist¦ We were always taught to say nothing at all if we didn’t have anything nice to say. Oh well¦

Hey sophomores–ever wonder why there’s a huge uproar about how the world is going to end in 2012? Well, it has nothing to do with the Mayan calendar. It’s your collective fault. You guys, no coincidence, graduate in 2012.

By December, when you guys will have solidified your places as “legitimate members of society (going to college [OR NOT]), God will look down, wonder, “what have I done? and proceed to blow our planet up and start over. Sophomores–you suck.

But really, we hold no unwarranted malice toward anyone. In fact, we love almost all people. We have a special liking, however, for people who are fans of Pajammin’ on Facebook and especially for those who come to our shows (you know who you are [and if you aren't sure: if you go to our shows, we mean you]).

And we hope we didn’t just alienate an entire grade of potential fans with that impromptu outburst.

We spent 15 minutes freezing in 20-degree weather to take a series of photographs for this; the least you could do is give ten dollars to charity and come enjoy yourself at a show.


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