Tier One goal for Girl’s Hockey team

By Jonah Seifer
Published: February 2010

The Girls’ Hockey team is small, but fierce. Although they are one of the lesser known teams at the school, the 11-member team does well, regardless of the level of school support and recognition they have received.

Their overall record, 2-3-2, may not suggest a consistent season of success, but, as many athletes know, tied games are sometimes the most arduous and hard fought.

After starting the season with two promising sequential wins, the team, led by captains Madeleine Reed, Jenny Epstein, and Jesse Eysenbach, has struggled to overcome on-ice woes since their defeat at the hands of Boston Latin. The squad’s record has not reflected the competitiveness the team has displayed in the rink, defeating and tying opponents that were otherwise expected to crush them.

The team has been an underdog in many games this season, yet their ability to defy the odds has been a staple of this year’s squad.

Not only is this emotionally rewarding for the players, but it could spell “promotion for the team. This Lions team is considered a Tier Two team.

“We’ve played really well against the tier one teams, then we played our first tier two team yesterday, Concord-Carlisle, and we beat them 5-1, sophomore Katie St. George said. “If we keep this up, we could move up to tier one.

Sophomore Abby Pressberg echoes St. George’s sentiments about the outlook for the team. “Beating Concord-Carlisle 5-1 showed our progress. [South has] never beaten Concord-Carlisle in girls’ ice hockey, she said.

The team hopes that, with a possible move to Tier One, they could earn more recognition from the South community.

So how does such a small team do it? Both sophomores attribute their successes on the ice to strong team unity. They also speak highly of their freshman goalie, Karina Alfisher, who helps complete an already powerful defense.

Tier One recognition should help put South on the map as a perennial playoff contender.

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