South athletes raise money for quake victims

By Sam Zoloth
Published: February 2010

When a magnitude seven earthquake devastated Haiti, the world was shocked.

The sheer terror, confusion, and tragedy caused by the earthquake were a call to help for many volunteer organizations, charities, and corporations.

Because Haiti was so ill-prepared for such an event, the repercussions were enormous: at least 112,405 people were killed, 196,595 injured, and 800,000 to 1 million were displaced. The corrupt economy also played a part in hindering the recovery.

Now, with Haiti at the mercy of Mother Nature and charitable souls, the South athletic program has stepped up to bat.

Many student-run organizations have been collecting donations to Haiti and doing a great job at it. Non-student run programs, specifically the Varsity Swimming and Dive team and the Track and Field Team, are also providing a large support base for the victims of the earthquake. Both of these teams have found creative ways to turn their love of the sport into donations for Haitian relief charities.

“A few days ago the swim team held a swimathon in support of the South Haiti fund, junior  and swim team member Alex Lyon said. At the swimathon, the team asked donnors and spectators to pledge either a lump some amount of money or money for every lap the team swam.

Each member swam over a hundred laps. This large number of laps equaled a similarly large amount of donations: over $1,500 collectively.

Lyon believes the swimathon was a success.

“This was a great way to raise money while directly engaging in our sport. It gave us motivation to swim hard for two hours. Each lap gained more and more support for Haiti, and we are thrilled with the amount of money we have raised, he said. Being a sports program, the swim team was able to combine fun and useful practice for a respectable cause.

The swimmers were not the only athletes raising money for Haiti; the track team will be participating in the program “Track Gives Back, a party in which monetary donations will be given to relief efforts in Haiti.

Inspired by the Lincoln-Sudbury Warriors, every track team in the Dual County League (DCL) is participating in “Track Gives Back. This friendly get together provides a fun atmosphere for a great cause, and has most runners excited.

“I can’t wait. I love trackies, and to be able to get to know the other athletes in the DCL without having the pressure or stress of competition between us would be a nice change of things, varsity runner and junior Jeffrey Alkins said. “I think it’s going to be great to actually build a relationship with other schools and just have fun. The added incentive is it’s all for a good cause.

“In addition to monetary donations, shoes will also be collected and sent to Haiti. This will take place on February 13th, following the DCL track meet.

Track Gives Back will be open to every team in the DCL to increase the amount of donations, and to encourage more inter-school friendly encounters. All are encouraged to stop by and give anything they can to the donations.

Even though they don’t directly ask people for donations, many parts of South’s athletics programs have combined pleasure and hard work to raise money for a deserving cause.

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