No-Pants Monday, no problem

By Denebola
Published: February 2010

In an effort to publicize the Turnaround program’s used jeans donation drive, senior Ben Chesler organized “No-Pants Monday, which took place on February 8.Chesler broadcasted a mass appeal via Facebook, asking for students to take off the jeans they wore to school and donate them.

Appropriately, boys were required to wear two pairs of boxers underneath the jeans they would donate, and girls a pair of boxers over their underwear. Athletic Director Scott Perrin offered extra pairs of shorts for anyone who decided to donate his or her jeans during the day.

Turnaround is an alternative program meant to give support to students considered at risk of not graduating.

The used jeans drive sought to take students’ donated pairs of jeans and donate them, in turn, to homeless teenagers in need.

Chesler claimed, on the event’s Facebook page, that the drive had received disappointingly few donations, which prompted him to bring awareness to the cause in a noticeable way.

Denebola applauds Chesler for taking initiative and creatively calling student attention to a worthy cause. In light of recent events, students have shown extraordinary compassion and empathy for the less fortunate.

On the same note, Denebola commends Principal Joel Stembridge for approving the No-Pants day, despite possible “risqué interpretations of the act of removing pants in school.

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