Just how rounded is too “well rounded”?

By Shayna Sage and Gabriel Schneider
Published: February 2010

For many freshmen, club fairs can generate some serious discomfort. Colorful posters and display tables line the cafeteria walls as energetic students solicit names of unsuspecting freshmen for their club emailing lists.

While some students join clubs that genuinely interest them, others join because of various parental expectations or pressure to buff up college resumes. Still, others join for free J-Block food.

Those reasons notwithstanding, this chaotic event tends to play a two-fold role in the school community. First, it allows clubs to showcase their work and recruit new members. More importantly though, club fairs allow younger students to explore interests and to get an idea of what they might want to pursue in the future. By Senior year, every student will inevitably find his or her niche. It is all a question of where to start.

“I think it is important to be involved in something you actually care about, junior Emma Schulman said. “It’s not fun if you join something that you aren’t interested in.

Schulman thinks that it is acceptable to join “a bunch of clubs, as long as it is not for the wrong reasons.

This attitude begs the question: is it better to be involved in many activities or to be dedicated to a single one?

In the typical South student’s quest for a “well rounded schedule of activities, it is often hard to see the true benefit of being involved in the community.

Sophomore Paris Caldwell believes that overbooking after-school activities has more benefits than meets the eye. “I choose to do [various clubs and athletics] because they help me manage my time and keep me on track.

Oftentimes the significant time commitment associated with clubs and sports allows students like Caldwell to better organize and manage their time. “Extracurricular activities help me release stress from school work, she said.

Others, like junior Max Clary, involve themselves in extracurricular activities simply for the thrill.

“I enjoy what I do, Clary said. “I do feel pressure to do more [at South] but I put that pressure on myself.
Senior Liza Barnes, recently voted “Most Involved by her class for senior superlatives, has found her involvement at South to be very rewarding.

“I chose activities that I thought would open the most doors for me, she said. “As Class Officer, I have had the opportunity to interact with students, faculty, and administration as well as various businesses in the Boston area.

Barnes has enjoyed her involvement in so many areas of the school community. “Dance team allows me to support other aspects of the South community such as sports games and school spirit, Barnes said. “These have allowed me to be involved in as many school events as possible and have made my high school experience what it was.

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