IC Benefit Concert packs Hyde Center

By Roxanne Glazier
Published: February 2010

The Invisible Children (NSHS) Club raised over $3000 for Haiti and the Invisible Children Organization at its benefit concert on January 29 at the Hyde Center.

Performing bands included Vitamin Seed, Pajammin’, The Delta, Phinale, and Krazy 8$. 160 students attended, surpassing the clubs original goal for attendance.

25 percent of profits earned from tickets and donations will go to Haiti. 75 percent of profits will go to Invisible Children.

Originally, the club planned to donate all proceeds to the Invisible Children cause, which helps Uganda children that are kidnapped, abused, and forced to work as child soldiers. After the earthquake in Haiti, however, the club decided to give some of the money to help with recovery.

“With a natural disaster, no one is at fault, sophomore and club member Eric Davis said. “We feel that Haiti is depending on donations and help from foreign countries. We want to be help the world, not only Invisible Children.

Money sent to Haiti will be matched by a donation from Needham High School senior Ethan Nectow’s father.

The rest of the money will benefit Invisible Children, but the club has not yet officially decided where specifically it will donate. According to Davis, money can either be donated to the Invisible Children Organization base in California and distributed from there or it can be sent to a specific school in Uganda.

“We know exactly where our money is going [if we get matched with a school,] Davis said.

“[I hope to] communicate with the school we donate to, club Co-President senior Sam Hyun said.

In addition to raising money, club members hoped to raise awareness for the topic of kidnapping and child soldiers in Africa.

“If [the child soldiers] die in the field, they are invisible to the world. Our main goal is to raise awareness about these children. We can raise a thousand dollars, but it doesn’t mean anything if people don’t understand why we are raising the money.  We hope that enough people will realize what these children are going through and try to help end this brutal war, Davis said.

According to South senior Cora Visnick, who attended the benefit concert, Invisible Children was successful in achieving this while also hosting an entertaining event.

“I love what Invisible Children is doing, and they pulled off a fantastic Friday night while reminding people that its not that hard to be socially aware, Visnick said. “The bands set up in a small corner and everyone gathered around them. My friends and I love Pajammin’, but to see them play with other bands was different in a really fun way. As my friends and I were leaving, we said, ‘ËœHey, we haven’t had that much fun in a while.’

Earlier this year, Invisible Children held a presentation during school to raise awareness, and they hope  to have a movie screening of the documentary, “Invisible Children Discover the Unseen, in the near future to teach more students about the topic and get more community members involved.

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