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Dyin’ Dawgz integrate math and music

Posted By Sidrah Baloch On February 10, 2010 @ 2:57 am In Features | Comments Disabled

Some musical groups start in basements and garages. Others have their origins somewhere a little less conventional, for example Dyin’ Dawgz, a rap group that was born in a math classroom last spring.

Created to boost the morale of South’s Math Team, Dyin’ Dawgz is comprised of senior Ted Tsien; juniors Hyun Lee, Tomer Reiter, and Tony Wang; and freshman Elena Byun. What began as just a few Math Team members trying to institute a team anthem to pump up the group during practices and meets has become a group that plays songs by Fort Minor, Linkin Park, Ozzy Osbourne, Coldplay, and Queen, incorporating the unlikely mix of rapping, singing, beat boxing, piano, and violin.

“Dyin’ Dawgz was created solely to fire up our members during meets and provide entertainment for the team, Lee said. “We are the motivators of Math Team, both for the members and the potential members.

Dyin’ Dawgz’ main goal is to bring energy to the Math Team and hype up team members before competitions. At last year’s New England Regionals Math Meet, the group decided to perform their theme song, Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name, as the competing teams waited for the meet to begin.

“It wasn’t a scheduled or planned thing, but we just wanted to do it so that we would be more excited and confident heading into the meet, Reiter said.

The performance was received enthusiastically by the other teams. Some people even pulled out their cell phones to take pictures and videos.

But the Dyin’ Dawgz’ primary audience is their fellow Math Team members, who appreciate the group’s unique way of motivating the team.

“Our fans consist of the rest of our Math Team, Tsien said. “They’ve always been very supportive and enthusiastic about the singing and the goofing around.

The response from fans on and off the Math Team has also been positive and at times even surprised at the band’s unassuming nature.

“People seem to be rather amused by the idea of a Math Team band, and rather surprised that we’re not bad, Lee said.

“In general, the response from people around the school has been positive, and people who comment on the actual performances generally say that we’re good, Reiter said. “Mainly, people are just sort of surprised that we would form a band like this.

The positive feedback Dyin’ Dawgz has received has inspired them to create a Facebook page for their group, and also to plan an appearance in the spring Tertulia. Still, the members agree that their goal has never been to impress their classmates or become a popular band.

“We’re just doing this to enjoy ourselves, Reiter said. We’re more interested in raising spirit within our group and Math Team than performing and growing to be a proper band. If people like it, that’s great, but¦we’re going to keep doing what we do, with positive feedback or without.

“What I love most about this band is how much fun we have when we’re together, Wang agreed. “For the future, I really don’t care about how successful we are, but only that we continue having fun.

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