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Despite less gold and silver key recipients than years past, Scholastic Art contest may not be a disappointment after all

Posted By Andrea Braver On February 10, 2010 @ 3:34 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

Despite a lower number of awards received in this year’s annual Boston Scholastic Art contest compared to previous years, there is certainly not a dearth of talented students, according to art teacher Megan Crist.

The contest asks Newton students from 7th through 12th grade to enter pieces of their art, which demonstrate tremendous artistic ability and creativity.

Although Crist is convinced that the contest does not accurately reflect her students’ talent and technique, she could give no reason for the disappointing outcome besides the role that sheer luck plays in determining winners.

She is aware that the opinions of the panel of judges are a factor in deciding upon each year’s awardees.

“The judges change every year, Crist said. “You never know. Every year is different, but I am very proud of these kids. Everyone did really well.

Statistics of the total number of awards given out by the Scholastic Art contest in previous years compared to this year may show why South students received fewer awards.

In 2006, 720 art pieces of students all over Massachusetts won honorable mentions alone. That same year, 573 pieces were awarded silver keys, and 295 pieces were awarded gold keys.

In 2009, over 5,000 students participated in the contest and students from South received over 30 awards.

This year, however, the Boston Globe Scholastic Art contest gave out a mere 150 gold keys, 291 silver keys, and 459 honorable mentions awarded.

Heightened selectivity may explain why students did not receive as many awards. Students all over Massachusetts were affected by this newly acquired sense of selectivity in the 2010 panel of judges.

Art students in Crist’s classes spend hours during classes working diligently on different pieces of art to be added to their portfolio, a compilation of eight pieces.

Crist entered 15 of her students’ portfolios to be sent to the state for judging.

Senior Yong Won was the only student in Crist’s class to receive a gold key for his portfolio.

“[The contest] is highly competitive, and the fact that we got one award is a huge honor in itself, she said.

Regardless of this year’s slightly disappointing circumstances, Crist keeps her spirits high.

South always ranks within the top five schools in the state when it comes to awards, Crist says. and this year is no exception.

“Students at Newton South are extremely talented. They work hard, spend the time, and are very dedicated and willing, Crist said.

Many other students’ hard work paid off as well, as there were many other awards received.

In Crist’s art class, five individual pieces were awarded three gold and two silver key. One piece was awarded a silver key in ceramics. Additionally, three students in photography were awarded one gold and two silver keys.

It is evident that students enrolled in art, mixed media, ceramics, and photography put in an immense amount of effort, and it pays off.

While the number of awards was not as high this year, it did not affect the way the students feel about themselves and their pieces.

Receiving an award is certainly an uplifting bonus, but it serves as solely that’€a bonus. Being able to use one’s mind and manage to put together a piece of one’s own is remarkable in itself, not to mention making it aesthetically appealing.

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