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Art Focus: Stephanie Fong

By Michael Fuchs
Published: February 2010

Stephanie Fong has always enjoyed art as a form of self-amusement and has consistently impressed her audience with its stunning detail and fabulous craftsmanship. Though every piece involves a lot of hard work, Fong finds the overall process rewarding.

She works with nearly all mediums of art, ranging from pastel to pencil.  While she does not take art classes outside of South, she spends most of her leisure time working on her pieces, a testament to her strong passion.

Fong spends up to six hours or more on paintings and drawings and devotes a comparable amount of time to working in her sketchbook.

She spends her weekends drawing, where she will sometimes work on art for two days straight.

Fong attributes her strong artistic dedication to her parents.

“As a child, I remember watching my mother draw for hours, she said. “Back then, I never understood why [someone] could sit for five hours or more, just to draw one piece.

Her father also promoted her appreciation of the arts by introducing her to his architectural projects. As a child, Fong used to design her own dream house.

While her parents have pursued art, she hesitates to choose art as a career. “I’m scared that I might lose interest one day, Fong said.

She definitely wants to pursue art during college and has applied to both art schools and liberal arts colleges. Like most seniors, Fong remains uncertain about what she wants to pursue later in life. She is considering psychology, but remains undecided.

Fong takes AP Art, a course that stimulates creative inventiveness and demands a strong dedication to the arts.

While some of her previous pieces were done whimsically without any form of planning, her work this year requires more artistic thought.

Each piece must have meaning and display a background story in order to appeal to its viewers, Fong says.

Over the past few years, she has learned to hone her skills and develop an aptitude for a wide range of artistic mediums.

Fong has learned to use various materials, allowing her skills to improve. “I never used oil pastel before but after a few strokes, I got the idea of how to use it. Sometimes I just have to challenge myself to try new things.

With this outlook, Fong continues to hone her creative deftness and learn new techniques that demonstrate her artistic ingenuity.

As the end of her senior year approaches, she is interested in being selected “Best Artist as her senior superlative. Though she has discovered that some of her peers have voted for her, she is still concerned that too few people know of her artistic talent.

Fong has also submitted a portfolio to a competition called the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards this year. While she did not receive an award for her work, she is not discouraged as she recognizes that the judges’ tastes change every year.

Outside of her art, Fong enjoys other interests, which include playing on the school volleyball and badminton teams.

She has been a member of the volleyball team for four years and is also currently the president of the badminton club. While she has no favorite academic subject, she enjoyed studying chemistry.

With encouragement from her peers, many of whom are artists, Fong has pursued her passion while still hanging out with her friends.

“To me art is everything. I’m a fan of art more than anything in the world, she said.

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