February 2010 Issue

Cafeteria workers face potential layoffs

By Alex Gershanov | Published: February 2010
Cafeteria worker Franchesca Ratta, Newton resident and grandmother of four, has worked in South's cafeteria for 30 years. She has seen 30 generations of students pass through its halls and has fed 30 generations of mouths. Come September, Ratta may find herself out of a job.

Students de-pants for charity drive

By Adam Goldstein | Published: February 2010
In an effort to raise awareness about the Turnaround Teens for Jeans program, senior Ben Chesler organized and planned the No-Pants Monday event that took place on February 8. Over 40 students assembled at the Turnaround office at the beginning of homeroom, dropped their pants, and donated nearly 70 pairs of jeans by the end of the day.

Rebuilding Haiti: an engineer’s story

By Jesse Zhang | Published: February 2010
What Newton resident Marvin Davidson remembers most about his 11-day stay in Haiti are the orphans.

Senate re-passes Sophomore Lecture Hall Bill

By Alex Gershanov | Published: February 2010
Much to the discontent of many second semester sophomores, the Lecture Hall Release Act of 2009 was revoked for 2010.

Senate considers Student Evaluation of Teachers Bill

By Chris Erspamer | Published: February 2010
The South Senate has begun working on a proposal that would make mandatory teacher evaluations by students.

Responding to Haiti

By Denebola | Published: February 2010
The South response to Haiti is nothing if not generous and compassionate; from door-to-door cash collection to concerted student efforts, the entire South community has shown extraordinary empathy towards the Haitians in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquakes.

Ban on texting passes House

By Denebola | Published: February 2010
On February 4, Massachusetts House lawmakers approved an amendment that proposes to ban drivers from using any kind of cell phones, with the exception of hands-free models with voice-activated dialing. The amendment was attached to a bill meant to crack down on distracted drivers.

No-Pants Monday, no problem

By Denebola | Published: February 2010
In an effort to publicize the Turnaround program's used jeans donation drive, senior Ben Chesler organized “No-Pants Monday, which took place on February 8.Chesler broadcasted a mass appeal via Facebook, asking for students to take off the jeans they wore to school and donate them.

Volume 49: That’s What She Said

By Claire Pezza, Amrita Rao, Julia Sklar and David Han | Published: February 2010
Hey Ladiezzzz, we know, it's hard to believe, but the illustrious Volume 49 has come to a close. Because every good “farewell article needs at least one cliché, we'll say it's been a wild ride. We wouldn't have it any other way, though.

Senior Slump is a well-deserved respite

By Jake Palmer | Published: February 2010
The very concept of Senior Slump inspires, and it isn't just the appeal of an attractive alliteration that is so compelling; rather, Senior Slump's most scintillating qualities lie in the hope it gives to generations of South students.

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