December 2009 Issue

Mock Trial tackles new civil case

By Josh Podrid | Published: December 2009
The Mock Trial Team will travel to Waltham District Court to compete in the first of three regional trials on January 29. Led by Coaches Brian Hammel and Elliott Loew, Mock Trial members will litigate this year's civil case.

South vaccinated for H1N1

By Justin Quinn | Published: December 2009
Over 600 students received the swine flu vaccination at a clinic run by the nurses at South on December 18. The vaccinations, paid for by the state, were free to students who only had to fill out a consent form prior to the clinic. Vaccinations in the form of shots and nasal sprays were offered. The clinics took place during B and G blocks, giving each grade a designated time to go during those periods.

Levy fuses different music genres into a new kind of sound

By Andrea Braver | Published: December 2009
Music has been a constant source of comfort for junior Murray Levy ever since his days of basic piano lessons and Eminem obsession.
When I first heard that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was to be awarded to President Barack Obama, I can't deny that I was surprised. Nominations for the Prize were postmarked in February 2009'€just a week or two after the President took office. And I was unaware of any extraordinary act of diplomacy that merited the Peace Prize.
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has chosen to award President Barack Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts at international diplomacy. In my opinion, Obama has made a fool of himself by flying around the world to receive it. Not only is his very winning of the prize a flawed judgment, but it reflects poorly on his moral fiber for him to accept it. There is a certain level of bad faith required to justify such an action, to be an open man of war and accept a prize for peace. Obama's win indicates a growing trend of pragmatism'€that is to say, a growing emphasis on practicality over truth or reason. The Nobel Committee's willingness to so easily hand out a prize that once stood for the highest honor in left and liberal circles, illustrates that they are beginning to diverge from those people who are actually actively against war, exploitation, killing, and imperialism.

Seniors consider the arts as they draw out their futures

By Michael Fuchs | Published: December 2009
As South's senior art students apply to college, many are now contemplating how they will assimilate their passions into their future endeavors.

The Bible in South curriculum

By Volume 49 Senior Editors | Published: December 2009
Sophomore Jack Summers was recently exempted from reading the Bible in English class, following discussion between the Summers family and South administration. As Summers' mother wrote in a letter to the editor of The Newton TAB, Summers chose to “exercise his First Amendment right to be an atheist.

Art Focus: Nick Sobel

By Brittany Bishop | Published: December 2009
Senior Nick Sobel has continuously grown and progressed musically over the past eight years. Beginning his journey in the fourth grade, Nick did not always enjoy the arts. Nick initially chose to play the saxophone because his father recommended it to him. His first instrument was very difficult and frustrating to learn, making him weary of playing.

A comedy that lifts audiences up into the air

By Alex Frail | Published: December 2009
Up in the Air kicks off with a laid back rendition of the song “This Land is Your Land a couple of pristinely timed f-bombs, and Ryan Bingham, played by the dapper George Clooney, as he helps a corporate company downsize staff count.

Taking a break from notifications

By Sarah Pincus | Published: December 2009
About a year ago, I deleted my Facebook account in an attempt to stop wasting time on the computer. I figured that if I didn't have the continuous self-discipline to monitor the amount of time I wasted on it, I ought to at least summon the minimal discipline to delete my account.

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