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View from the Top: Merry Berman, Julia Mandehr, Alex Orrick, and Erika Rabb

Posted By Denebola On December 23, 2009 @ 12:30 am In Features | Comments Disabled

WARNING: If you are not a super chill sen10r and do not enjoy swinging your lanyard like J.Rabb, chillin’ in the commons during class, and parking in the sen10r lot across the street, then close up this paper and get to class, kids. For all you elite sen10r wannabes, here is the story of Alex, Julia, Merry, and Erika.

It all began freshman year with Big Jess and Stacey O., giving us the right to change the song: Alex’s mom has got it goin’ on. It’s safe to say quite a few of us have experienced some firsts there. If not there, then in Milla Mush’s basement. Come on, we have all been in the room with all the shelves.

We might as well call ourselves the seniors of ’07. We all know who partied hardest that year.

Now fast forward to sophomore year, better known as our drought year. Either way, thanks Juj Lytle for inviting the entire Greater Boston Area over for Yom Kippur dinner.

While you may not be a member of the Jewtona clan, you still know how to celebrate the “day of atonement. And, of course, this year marked the start of the Columbus Day Curse.

Don’t worry underclassmen, we’ll explain later. (Unless of course your high school babysitter gave you the inside scoop before tucking you in.)

Eventually the thunderstorm we had been waiting for arrived. Junior year got off to a great start until, of course, the curse struck again. Also, a note to junior Class Officers: don’t make Semi the same day as our Sen10r Skip Day because half of us won’t make it through the door.

Finally, we managed to pull it all together for our last year at South. Thanks, Bobby, for having no ice trays at your house and leading us to the discovery of The Game.It changed our lives forever. (And one lucky sophomore’s.) And then the curse strikes again. One super sen10r scored herself a few extra days of pre-slump.

And, of course, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Powderpuff. We hope the shaving cream tasted good and to all you bench warmers; hopefully, you’ll get playing time next year. Maybe when you get real coaches¦? (We know it’s hard, not everyone can be blessed with coaches like Dr. Kelly and Liam.)

Before giving you some crucial advice, there are some things all of you underclassmen should know:

Freshman- You will never party as hard as us.

Sophomores- You will never party as hard as us.

Juniors- You will NEVER party as hard as us.

LAWL, now listen up for five rules to abide by for the rest of your high school years:

5. The following is definitely not an appropriate way of honoring Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the New World: celebrating with the NPD. And no, not the ones roaming the halls of South with fishnets and plastic handcuffs (although their intimidation factor certainly rivals the real deal).

4. If thumb man is on the prowl, and you have roaches, make sure to call the exterminator quick or get tinted windows like H.Daddy.

3. Woohoo! You got into college and got a scholarship to University of Nowhere! No need to post it on Facebook, because you’re so special the Paparazzi are probably already on their way!

2. No matter what your Facebook says, you do not wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy, and you definitely do not brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack.

1. Love your grade as much as we love the seniors of 2010. It’s been real and we wouldn’t want to graduate high school with any other class.

High School goes by fast, so don’t finish too quickly!

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