South vaccinated for H1N1

By Justin Quinn
Published: December 2009

Over 600 students received the swine flu vaccination at a clinic run by the nurses at South on December 18. The vaccinations, paid for by the state, were free to students who only had to fill out a consent form prior to the clinic. Vaccinations in the form of shots and nasal sprays were offered. The clinics took place during B and G blocks, giving each grade a designated time to go during those periods.

“We know that kids [had to] miss class, but the Health Department feels it is better to miss class than miss a few days of school, head nurse Gail Kramer said.

Compared to the seasonal flu clinic in November, this one seemed to run smoother. Administration members helped facilitate the clinic and directed students to the appropriate places in Gym B.

Many stations staffed with nurses were set up, and the lines of students waiting for the shots moved quickly, allowing students to return to their class without missing the entire block.

Although many teachers asked, the vaccinations were only for the students and there will be another public clinic for the city of Newton next month.

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