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Seniors consider the arts as they draw out their futures

Posted By Michael Fuchs On December 23, 2009 @ 2:59 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

As South’s senior art students apply to college, many are now contemplating how they will assimilate their passions into their future endeavors.

Hannah Fürgang is a funny, charismatic senior with a strong passion for theatre. Recently, she has performed in the performances Burial at Thebes, Macbeth, Guys and Dolls, and The Miracle Worker with South Stage and The Producers and Wonder of the World with the Newton Summer Stage. Currently, Fürgang is preparing for her upcoming role as Alice in Sweet Charity.

Though Fürgang has been a part of theatre throughout her four years at South, she has considered pursuing a future outside of this. “I love theatre but I can honestly say that I hate the competitive nature of it, so I’ve crossed it off of my list of career aspirations, she said.

Nevertheless, Fürgang, who will attend Tufts next year, has not completely eliminated the arts as a possible major she might pursue. “I still want to explore it further in college, she said. “If I do an arts-related minor, I’d probably choose music.

The lack of security in a career has steered many students away from art-based professions. “I don’t want to choose a profession that would depend so much on auditions and physical health and looks and other factors that I can’t control, she said.

Instead, Fürgang will probably incorporate theatre in other ways. “I don’t want my job to be completely monotonous, but I’d rather complement it with art than have art be the main focus.

Like Fürgang, senior Ariel Kirshenbaum has also prioritized her interests. “I’ve never planned on doing anything big in college pertaining to the arts, but now I think I want to minor in it [¦] I don’t really care about the esteem of the school’s art program’€as long as there’s an opportunity to do it, I’ll be happy with that.
Like many other art students, Kirshenbaum’s interests cover a wide range from athletics to art.

While Kirshenbaum and Fürgang will pursue the arts to a lesser extent, other students intend to study the subject more keenly. South Art teacher Megan Crist explains that “this year it is hard to tell what the majority of students are interested in pursing.

At the same time, “This year seniors are leaning towards liberal arts colleges with a strong art program, she said.

Crist believes that some students will reassess their interests after they enter college. “Two or so people find that their favorite course is the art course and transfer [to a liberal arts school], Crist said. With this in mind, students who reevaluate their college plans can find comfort and solace.

Senior Noa Belfer is one of the seniors who has decided to pursue art in college. As an AP Studio Art student with many years of experience, Belfer is only applying to art schools.

“I value art more than any other interest or school work, she said. “For me, art has become a priority. I find it more important to do well in art class than to succeed in my other classes.

Still, Belfer has a few concerns about the process, believing that there is not always enough information on art colleges. “Even if you know a school is good, it is often hard to find information about a single program within the school, she said.

Belfer also remains uncertain as to what she plans to study. While she is considering illustration or animation as possible majors, she is still undecided.

Nevertheless, Belfer is confident in her decision to attend art school rather than a college of the arts and sciences. “I make this decision, just like I made the decision to go to art college, because I am more passionate about arts than anything else in my life, Belfer said.

Belfer, Fürgang, and Kirshenbaum are all enthusiastic about what lies ahead. Though senior art students face the same dilemma, the decision they ultimately choose will not restrict them from pursing their passions.

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