Senior commons reopened

By Jesse Zhang
Published: December 2009

Wheeler Housemaster Josepha Blocker reopened the Wheeler commons on December 11 after temporarily closing them for two days due to loud and disruptive behavior.

“I had been talking to seniors for months prior about language, keeping the commons clean, and volume, Blocker said. “Over time it got increasingly worse.

Because Blocker’s office is located in close vicinity to the senior commons, loud background noise hindered her ability to work.

Before closing down the commons, Blocker recalls walking into the room and seeing the contents of wastebaskets dumped on the floor and skittles scattered on the ground. 

The sugar from the skittles had stuck to the ground, and the custodians spent a great deal of effort cleaning the mess up, according to Blocker.

“We couldn’t figure out who had done it, Blocker said. “I just wanted it clean.

After Blocker closed down the commons, a group of seniors led by seniors Che Perry and Ashley Santoes agreed to keep the commons clean and monitor themselves.

“It’s gotten better since, Blocker said. “They’ve done a good job. I appreciate the [seniors'] maturity.

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