New coach a Treat for swim team

By Ashan Singh
Published: December 2009

For the third time in three years, a new coach has headed the Swimming and Diving team. Head Coach Ethan Treat, a Newton native, is taking the reins. This time he’s holding high expectations, partly because his strong swimming background.

Treat, a graduate of Newton North, flaunts an outstanding swim career that started at a young age.

He still holds several records with the Newton Swim Team, and his high school career was nothing short of legendary.

He holds five team records, four State Championship titles, two Boston Globe All Scholastic Awards, and the Boston Globe Swimmer of the Year Award. 

Senior and captain Ben Chelmow finds Treat’s history with the city something that has definitely made the coaching transition much easier.

“Seeing his name on the record boards at the North pools definitely serves as an inspiration, Chelmow said. “It’s almost like he’s one of us.

Before his time at South, Treat designed the Streamline Swim Clinic to better the technique of swimmers. Senior and captain Sam Forman noticed Treat’s emphasis on technique.

“I think [Treat's] stress on technique is ultimately going to help everyone swim faster, he said. “We focus a lot on dry land and work on our drills so we can get our technique correct.
Forman is also impressed by Treat’s constant effort to try and make everyone on the team a much better swimmer.

“During every meet he [Treat] takes notes on everyone’s race, and when you get out of the pool, he gives you pointers on how to do better and gives everyone individual attention, which is really great, he said.

Forman was quite ambivalent of Treat’s arrival to the program at the beginning of the season.
“The first week was a little weird. Most years we’ve held cuts to a minimum, but for the first time, we had to make some cuts, which was hard, he said.

For the younger swimmers, Treat’s coaching has left quite an impression. Freshman Jessie Rosen finds Treat to be one of the better coaches she has had.

“I really like him. Based on my old club team, he is a lot better, she said. “His focus on technique is really helpful and is really helping everyone drop their times.

“It does not really matter whether you’re an underclassman or not, Coach treats us all the same.

So far this season, South has experienced the success that Treat had hoped to generate. Grasping a victory last week against Tyngsboro High School and nearly beating powerhouse Acton-Boxborough, swimmers have already posted multiple personal best times.

Sophomore Robert Pears qualified for the State tournament in the 500-meter freestyle. One of the relay teams also qualified for Sectionals.

“I have seen a lot of potential in the swimmers, Treat said. “The fact some swimmers have already gone best times, and that the rest have come close to their best times, shows that when they are fully prepared, they will be swimming very fast.

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