Mock Trial tackles new civil case

By Josh Podrid
Published: December 2009

The Mock Trial Team will travel to Waltham District Court to compete in the first of three regional trials on January 29. Led by Coaches Brian Hammel and Elliott Loew, Mock Trial members will litigate this year’s civil case.

The case concerns a man by the name of DJ Zellus who, acting on the advice of his financial advisor, A.J. Clifford, invested in a hedge fund called the Haskin Fund. Zellus knew that investing in the fund was a risky enterprise, but his confident in Clifford compeled him to invest most of his money, including his daughter’s college funds. After Zellus wound up losing a good deal of money, he sued his advisor for reimbursement.

Zellus would claim that Clifford shirked his fiduciary duty and misled him. Clifford would claim that Zellus understood the risks of the investment by signing the intial paperwork and ultimately had no one to blame but himself. 

The case requires much preparatory work on behalf of the team. Mock Trial meets every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 pm and for approximately four hours every Saturday.

“As arduous as it seems Mock Trial is, the benefits always counteract the demanding schedule and preparation, Junior Nate Kropp said. Over 110 Massachusetts high schools have Mock Trial teams that will compete for the state championship against South.

After graduating several key Seniors last year, the team has some rebuilding and reorganizing to do before their first big case of the year.

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