Department considers World History & Economics classes

By Morgan Seiler
Published: December 2009

The History Department is considering introducing two new classes, Modern World History and Economics, at the curriculum one and honors level to future senior classes.

According to History teacher Thomas Murphy, the curriculums for both classes are “not entirely decided, but general plans have been made.

An Economics class at the honors level will likely follow the curriculum of an AP Economics class. For those interested, the Collegeboard website divides Economics into Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

Class topics include Basic Economic Concepts, the Nature and Functions of Product Markets, Factor Markets, Market Failure and the Role of Government, Measurement of Economic Performance, National Income and Price Determination, Financial Sector, Inflation, Unemployment and Stabilization Policies, Economic Growth and Productivity, and Open Economy: International Trade and Finance.

The World History curriculum would be split up into different regions. According to Murphy, students would perhaps study Africa for a month or two, then Asia, and then another region.

“[Introducing these two classes] has been talked about for a long time, Murphy said. “We’ve had World History, Race Class and Gender, AP Government, and Psych expand.
Possible teachers of the two classes have not been determined.

Some students have also shown interest in a third Comparative Government class, but no teachers are available to teach the class.

In order to add these two classes, the History Department must agree on the creation of a class and receive approval from the Committee On Program and the principal.

The Principles of Economics already offered in the business department will still exist if the Economics class is introduced to the History Department.

“I’ve already taken Economics through the business department, so I wouldn’t take it again, senior Will Lind said. “But I might have been interested in World History.

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