CrossFit pins wrestlers to success

By Jason Yoffe and Dylan Royce
Published: December 2009

The Varsity Wrestling team hopes the new CrossFit program, a rigorous workout regimen originally designed to whip soldiers and police officers into top physical condition, will give them an advantage this season despite the loss of nine graduated wrestlers last year.
The team employed several training programs in years past but noticed the greatest changes in strength in stamina with CrossFit.

Head Coach Alan Rotatori introduced the program during preseason, after using it to coach an independent soccer team to the Division II Central Massachusetts Championship game.

“Most of the players in the program noticed a big difference in their conditioning levels, he said. “They felt stronger and faster and had more endurance and confidence while playing.
In the past three seasons, South’s wrestlers have used a wide variety of exercise programs. The team lifted weights, performed a series of workouts with resistance bands, and utilized the home exercise program P90X.

According to senior and captain Tamir Zinger, the P90X program boosted the team to the Division I Central Sectional Finals last season.

“The kids saw the benefits of the program both individually and as a team, Rotatori said.
The wrestling team earned runner-up last season and hopes to take the Sectional Championship with the more physically demanding CrossFit.

“CrossFit makes P90X look easy, Zinger said.

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