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A Walk Down Sesame Street

Posted By Joseph Scozzaro On December 23, 2009 @ 1:10 am In Book Review | Comments Disabled

Joseph Scozzaro
A Walk Down Sesame Street: A Pop-up Book
By Sesame Workshop

In our house, we love monsters. Elmo, Cookie, Abby, Zoe, and all the rest. 

Our two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Anna, has come to refer to herself in the third person just like the star of the show “Elmo’s World that she has been studying for the past year or so. 

We’ve got books of all kinds too, but some her best-loved titles all depict that happy street where monsters, big birds, and snuffles all dwell. So when Anna picked up A Walk Down Sesame Steet: A Pop-up Book, it was an instant fave. 

As I opened the book, I feared for its future. On Anna’s bookshelf, there are a few carcasses of so-called pop-up books whose contents have been torn, bitten, ripped, and stomped back into the second dimension by our untamed toddler. So when I saw her reach for the giant Elmo that springs a good three inches out of the first centerfold, I cringed for poor Elmo. 

Anna surprised me by not tearing his arms off; instead she found and pulled a tab at the edge of the page that makes Elmo’s arm wave back and forth. “Hi Melmo, she exclaimed with joy. 

As we continued to flip through this book, I was proud that this book bridled her barbaric tendencies­­–she dismembered not a single monster. As the colorful characters leaped off of each of the six large pages, she found the tab and manipulated it with just the right amount of dexterity to make the monster move appropriately. 

My favorite was the flying Grover who vaults across the sky to save a cat stuck in a tree, while hers was the gigantic Big Bird that jumps about four inches off the page holding a letter book. 

When we got to the last page with the whole menagerie of monsters rocking and waving, I thought she’d suffered a relapse as she reached for the beautiful, defenseless Muppets.

To my pleasant surprise she gently folded the book shut, said “Thank you, Papa, and gently took the new book to its place of prestige, behind the glass door of our entertainment center, for all to see and admire. 

This book tamed our little barbarian, no small accomplishment.

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