Rules reinforced as socializing students crowd library

By Ariel Rivkin
Published: November 2009

With 17 teachers out sick in the past couple of weeks and a new school policy prohibiting any loitering in the hallways without supervision, more and more students have had to gather in the library during free blocks and cancelled classes.

Senior Greg Gruener has noticed more students spending time in the library this year compared to previous years. Students like Gruener feel they have nowhere else to study, do homework, or socialize with friends and are thus left to congregate in the library.

“The places where we can sit and talk are limited this year and the library is a good place to go, he said. “Students still do a lot of homework in the library, but people come to just sit and see friends, too.

With the increase in students in the library, the librarians believe that they have to remind more students to behave appropriately.

“It’s not that we have more rules, it’s just with all of the teachers out, we’ve been mobbed with students, librarian Ethel Downey said. “We love students being here, but we need to keep the library a place where students can do homework and study.

Junior Aiden Benshimol considers the availability of library workspace a growing concern as more students crowd into the limited space.

“There can be crowding and distractions, he said. “A lot of people use the library.

Although Benshimol believes that the librarians have become stricter by asking more students to leave, he understands their concerns.

“This year, the librarians just want to make it better for people actually trying to work, which is what the library is intended for, Benshimol said.

“With a limited number of seats and a large number of students visiting the library, we need to kick out the students who aren’t utilizing the library for studying purposes, Downey said.

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