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By Nimra Masqood
Published: November 2009

We often tend to judge without knowing the truth, and many people make assumptions about Pakistan–sometimes completely based off of biased media.

Many issues surrounding Pakistan are considered taboo simply because it is a third-world country.

Arranged marriages, a huge part of Pakistani culture, are quickly looked down upon by Western cultures. What people fail to notice, however, is that the divorce rate in Pakistan is less than those of many developed countries including the US.

The assumption that all Pakistanis have arranged marriages is also untrue. Many Pakistanis choose there partners based on love. In fact, Islam, the most followed religion in the country, gives individuals the right to choose his or her own life partner.

Many people also assume that Pakistan has a very poor transportation and road system. Although it is true that the Pakistani road system is not well-developed, one must reevaluate the reason for roads. What good are developed transportation systems if citizens revert to unsafe driving methods?

The drunk driving rate of Pakistan is much more lower than that of America, since Islam does not allow its followers to consume alcohol. Statistics show that 39 percent of all car accidents in the US are related to alcohol according to 2005 Drunk Driving Statistics.

Pakistan is also immediately thought to have a high poverty rate even though only 23 percent of the entire population is considered “poor. The only reason the poverty rate is so high is because of the lack of opportunities not given by those in power.

Pakistan actually has the 46th largest economy in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product, according to a World Bank study in 2008.

People also consider Pakistan a weak country, but they may not know that Pakistan is a nuclear power with the sixth largest armed forces in the world.

For those who stereotype Pakistanis as being violent, the Pakistani armed forces are and have been the largest contributors to the United Nations peace keeping efforts.

People also need to understand that Pakistan has only been independent for 62 years; it needs its time to grow and develop successfully.

Most assumptions about Pakistanis are based solely on the news and media. People need to look at the real situation and make appropriate judgments about others.

Just because some extreme Pakistanis have misrepresented their country’s values, that does not mean that every Pakistani is the same.

Good and bad people exist everywhere. Every country and race has its own problems.

Instead of making assumptions about others and their countries, we need to be reasonable and be educated about the different issues.

We must become citizens of the world, and not just of our respective countries.

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