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New blog site, Tumblr, tumbles into South students’ lives

By Leigh Alon
Published: November 2009

Dispersed throughout the many blog posts on are inspirational quotations, fond memories, favorite songs, and tales of everyday tedium. Among these bits and pieces lie the innermost thoughts of some Newton South students who use Tumblr as an outlet for their feelings.

One such student, junior Brittany Bishop, usually blogs between three to four times a day about a variety of subjects.

“I honestly blog about everything: quotes I find, my day, my life in general, guys, my friends, and basically just anything that is on my mind, she said.

Occasionally, Bishop finds herself writing essays analyzing certain aspects of her life.

While blogging has long been a trend among Newton South students, Tumblr has grown in popularity because its unique features create an environment perfect both for self-expression and for exchanging thoughts with others.

After students post their ideas onto their pages, other Tumblr users can provide feedback.

“Tumblr is great because you can follow other people. Their blogs come up on your homepage when you sign on, so you can read and connect to other people, reassuring yourself that others have similar experiences to you, Bishop said.

“Also, there are the “like and “reblog features. When someone likes or reblogs my posts, I feel as though others are connecting with me and feel the same way that I do.
In addition to reassurance, learning about others has allowed Bishop to acquire new perspectives on life, such as the philosophy of optimism she learned from a fellow blogger and has recently adopted.

Other users, however, prefer to blog on Tumblr without utilizing its social features. Some students do it solely to release thoughts for the sake of self-expression without feeling the need to have other users comment.

While a conversation is a place for exchanging thoughts on an issue, Tumblr is like a diary that allows students to release personal thoughts, opinions, and ideas that they may not want others to comment on.

Tumblr also has a wide variety of media that bloggers can use to enhance their posts.

“Tumblr has a setting for text, pictures, quotes, links, audio, chat, and videos. You are able to post full songs if you want or just a video from youtube, Bishop said.

Although Tumblr’s popularity has increased, Tumblr users still remain a relatively small portion of the Newton South community.

Current bloggers doubt that the site will provide a wide enough appeal to become a school-wide trend and some prefer that the site remains this way to preserve their anonymity.

“I don’t think that many guys would join the trend, and a decent amount of girls would probably be too nervous to write their feelings online, Bishop said.

“Blogging is to release feelings, so I don’t know if many people would use it with the possibility of their friends finding their blog.

Honestly, I would hate if more people started using Tumblr because it would increase the risk of others finding my blog and showing people in the school.

While the emerging Newton South Tumblr community remains small, the thousands of international users provide a support group that allows an exchange of both sympathy and honest advice.

Even those who don’t utilize the “reblog or “comments features enjoy the unfiltered and anonymous environment Tumblr provides.

As the pressure put teenagers exponentially increases, Tumblr is yet another unique outlet kids have utilized to express their feelings without any judgments.

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