Minga Day raises teen awareness

By Jesse Zhang
Published: November 2009

South’s chapter of Minga, a group dedicated to fighting the global child sex trade, hosted Minga Day on November 12.

Minga is defined as “the coming together of the community as a whole for the greater good, according to senior and Minga member Taryn Valley.

During the blocks of the day, Minga members held presentations to raise awareness about the issue. Characteristics of the child sex trade include child prostitution, child sex tourism, child pornography, and child sex trafficking.

According to the presentation, children from age nine to 14 have the largest risk of becoming part of the sex trade, which exists even in the United States.

“We tend to think this only happens in foreign countries, senior and Minga member Zeba Race said. “That’s not true.

Unlike popular misconception, not all child prostitutes are female; 51 percent of New York child prostitutes, for example, are male.

Studies have shown that about 325,000 children in the United States are trapped in “the life, which is slang for the child sex trade. Other slang words used in the child sex trade include “pimp, a person who sells girls for sex, and “john, a customer of prostitution.

Race believes that teens can bring change more effectively than other age groups.

“We’re trying to talk to as many people as we can, Race said, mentioning Minga’s desire to create a “big response to the global sex trade.

The South branch of Minga meets Monday J-Blocks in Room 2308.

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