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Car antics fuel many laughs during boring rides

By Michelle Mandeau
Published: November 2009

Many amusing occurrences happen while driving in the car that all have to do with music. Forget “sweet and sour and “name the license plate alphabetically.

Instead, while stopped at a red light, look into the car next to you and watch the passengers get really into the radio or an MP3 player.

I don’t think there is anything better than watching someone dancing and singing in their car. The best is when they really get into what they are listening to. Their heads wildly bob to the beat, and they tap on the steering wheel as if it were a complete drum set.

One time, I was in the passenger seat when a car pulled up next to me and this really large man who looked like a wrestler’€kind of grungy and wearing all leather’€had his windows rolled down and was playing Miley Cyrus while discreetly dancing and singing along to it¦I kid you not. Everyone in the car I was in started cracking up because it was so awkward and so wonderful.

Another time, I was on my way to driver’s education (oh, the irony) and the song “Single Ladies by Beyoncé was playing on the radio.

In the car in front of mine, a young boy who was working a pointy and brown furry hood was sitting in the back seat. When the chorus to “Single Ladies started to play on my radio, the boy lifted his hand and started doing the dance that goes along with the music video; undoubtedly, he and I were listening to the same radio station. That was probably one of the funniest moments I have ever experienced.

I also really like when convertibles have the roof down and classical music blasting.

Classical music is not bad, I actually really enjoy the genre, it is just that yet again, it is awkward and ironic that a speeding car has such formal music blaring.

Although all of these situations are extremely entertaining, my favorite thing about being in the car is listening to parents sing along to the radio. It is actually the most comical thing to experience.

Parents always tend to sing to songs that have an impossible range and really inappropriate lyrics. The thing is, though, they never understand the lyrics so they just kind of grumble and make up the words.

Luckily for me they do not sing when I have friends in the car. It is great, however, when other people’s parents sing, especially when they cannot sing well.

It’s really not that embarrassing and if you think about it, their awful singing provides spectacular entertainment in what would otherwise be an exceptionally dull car ride.

It’s only okay when other people’s parents do it though because their parents aren’t mine and I don’t want to be embarrassed.

You can always use your parents’ bad singing voice as something positive, though. If there is someone you really do not like in the car and you never want them to come back, tell your parents to sing.

The unwanted traveler will be so scarred for life that they will never want to come back.

So if you are one of those kids who gets bored in the car, you now have a few things you can do whether it’s a six-minute car ride or a 38-hour car ride, just by using the people around you.

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