Badminton club has smashing start

By Josh Podrid
Published: November 2009

The South Badminton Club held its first meeting on November 2.

Club members meet Monday J-Blocks in the Field House. Senior and club leader Stephanie Fong described the turnout as “a countless number of people.

Club founders and leaders include Fong, Ismael Algarin, Jaime Qing, and Jason Wu. Due to court unavailability, the club was unable to start sooner.

After acquiring a club advisor, the club leaders received approval from Guidance Counselor Leonid Libenzon and Principal Joel Stembridge.

The group hopes to persuade amateur skill-leveled players to come and play badminton in an intramural environment.

Posters, soon to be put up around the school, will advertise official tryouts for a badminton team. The club plans on creating a team of eight that will compete against schools like Newton North High School and Waltham High School.

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