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Art Focus: Rebecca Fleisher

By Andrea Braver and Shireen Pourbemani
Published: November 2009

Senior Rebecca Fleisher has always loved theatre. Even as a child, she only truly stepped out of her shell while singing and acting.

“I was one of those kids who would perform at the dinner table and increase the volume of my voice louder and louder until I was sure everyone was paying attention to me, she said.

Although Fleisher loves all aspects of the performing arts, one particular aspect sticks out: singing.

“There is something about singing that allows me to express emotion in a more natural way than anything else, she said. The enjoyment Fleisher finds with hitting high notes is unparalleled to any other.

Fleisher finds singing less of a challenge than acting.

Fleisher’s first experience with theatre was in the fifth grade when she landed the lead role in her elementary school’s musical Oliver!.

Fleisher was able to shine in the acting portion of the musical, as well as in the singing aspect. Since then, Fleisher has found herself to be incapable of staying away.

Fleisher’s acting experience consists of South Stage’s two Cabaret productions during freshman and junior years.

Although this is the only performing she has done on stage, it is nowhere near her only involvement with South Stage.

Fleisher enjoys being behind the scenes, helping the productions succeed without having to memorize a single line or chord.

“I have been able to try out every possible job in theatre production I wanted to, Fleisher said.

She has tested out her skills at costume designing, light board operating, being a member of the inconspicuous stage, and stage managing.

Fleisher has the uncommon ability to possess talent in singing, acting, and working behind the scenes. Furthermore, Fleisher’s capabilities have led her to receive the coveted role of stage manager in the 2009 freshman play, José and His Monsters.

Art allows performers to express emotion onstage, and Fleisher feels that art is critical because performing is sometimes easier than articulating how one feels with words.

“You can explain the unexplainable through song, dance, and poetry, with a picture or a painting, she said.

She aims to be involved in theatre in college, regardless of whether it is onstage performing or behind the scenes with stage crew. While uncertain of what specific college she wishes to attend, she knows of one thing for sure: she will sing. “[Singing] is something I do for fun, so I don’t think I will ever stop.

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